OSRS Gold: People’s React To Fear


So last time we took a look at a skill that is not present in the game anymore but was recently suggested by some players to bring it back to Old School Runescape. What was that skill? It is Fear. Yeah, the OSRS gold skill named Fear. It was quite formidable way back and was removed maybe because it was strong. Players do suggest to bring it back because it was quite helpful. Let us take another quick look at the definition of Fear

OSRS Gold: Fear

Fear was an evil magic spell available before the evil and good magic skills were merged into one spellbook. It required three body runes and one mind rune.

Fear’s effect depends when used in combat and non-combat. It depends on the state of combat when you casted it.


Buy OSRS Gold: Reaction One

Of course there are different reactions by people with regards to the idea of bringing back the skill Fear. There are some in favor and some are iffy in bringing it back because of different reasons. Here are some of them:

One said that Fear “seems a little OP”. Yeah I think I will agree on this one because well, it is powerful. Doesn’t really matter on the duration of the spell but the effect of the skill on the target. It is not like stun that you are put in place. Fear adds irritability with the target running around after being casted thus it being more powerful than stun. I agree to the one commented about it being OP though. He said that “Could get modified, the concept seems pretty nice tho.” Absolutely it could get modified and balanced accordingly to the game. I am pretty skeptical about it though because Blizzard still cannot balance its version of Fear. To think Blizzard cannot balance the exact (almost) same skill, what more about Jagex right? I think I just said Blizzard is better than Jagex. I got to stop stating the obvious, lol! Fine, I will buy OSRS Gold and give to you all butthurt OSRS players.

There are more reactions to this idea. Let us see more of these on my next write up!



Old School Runescape Accounts: Toxicity


Nowadays, toxicity in a gaming community or population is pretty normal. Yeah, it is! In the early days of MMORPG, everyone was so friendly and the comradery was strong. Now, everyone is so hostile to each other. Even if you have just met in a party dungeon, expect that there will aim an unexplainable rage towards you. They are worse than those parents who want you to get straight A’s in your studies. This is quite evident in OSRS, sadly. Old School Runescape Accounts are owned by a lot of toxic players.

Old School Runescape Accounts: In Runescape

It is quite rare for two different games under one name run at the same time. Normally the other one would be running on a private server. Runescape is one of the rare games that is so. Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 are both active now. When I didn’t know of anything Runescape back then, I thought this was silly. “Why would you still run Old School Runescape while there is the latest version in Runescape 3?”, I asked myself when I first heard of it.

This is good because players have something to choose from on which Runescape to play. Will they stick to the old school or the newer version? The bad thing I see on this is that this will and is causing a lot of friction between the two. Normally you would compare a game to another game of different titles or from different gaming company. Here, it is under the name Runescape and from the same company and still, there is aggression between them. Now they are stuck being compared to each other.

Old School Runescape Accounts

Going back to the topic of toxicity in relation to being compared to each other, now they are being compared which game is more toxic. Yes the good thing is that when OSRS players feel great toxicity in their game, they can easily switch to Runescape and vice versa. But that’s not assured though. They can completely abandon Runescape and play another game. The comparison actually is happening now and I have found some answers on which game is more toxic and the reasons why. I will share them to you next time. Stay tune Runescape 2007 Accounts owners!

Old School Runescape Gold: Fear


Jagex really is trying hard to keep the “old school” feel of, well, Old School Runescape. That is why the game is still up today anyways, because of the old players in the early days of the game. They (the players) really loved the game for what it was and how the game was way back 2007. They still support the game to their full extent. In response, Jagex again, is trying hard to bring back that feel but there are changes needed. These changes sometimes make a big impact to that old school feel but so far, nothing that much that changed the game. Kudos to Jagex because of that. Here take my Old School Runescape Gold!

Old School Runescape Gold: Bringing Back

So with regards to the intro, there is a question that popped in my mind. The question was “is there anything that players want to bring back in the game that can or might strengthen that old school feel?” In search of some answers, I found someone suggesting in Reddit to bring back the skill Fear. “What is this Fear?” A fairly new player might ask.

Fear was an evil magic spell available before the evil and good magic skills were merged into one spellbook. It required three body runes and one mind rune.

Old School Runescape Gold

There are different effects when this skill is used:

NPC in combat

When Fear was cast on an NPC engaged in combat with the casting player, the NPC would retreat from combat, and stop being aggressive toward the casting player. This was often used as a move of desperation for players overwhelmed by the target NPC.

NPC not in combat

When Fear was cast on NPCs not engaged in combat, the spell would make the NPC “disappear.” Essentially, the NPC would appear to log off, just as a player would. No bones would be left behind, and minutes later, the NPC would respawn as normal. While it is unknown whether this effect was a bug or not, many players used the spell as a joke on other players who were trying to train combat, casting fear on others’ training targets. Other players used it to steal kills, much to the annoyance of others.

Definition is from Runescape Wiki

In favor of bringing back this skill? Will bringing this skill make RS 2007 gold again? Let us see what people say next time!

OSRS Gold: On Overwatch


So, Overwatch just got the biggest hype train running from a long silence in a long while now. Like maybe there were anticipated games but nothing compared to the anticipation brought by Overwatch. Really, the hype was and is still so real, everyone is still buzzing about it even if it has been released for like two weeks already. Normally players’ hype will die down after one week because the expectation was not met or the hype is just, well, hype. You might want to get your hands on Overwatch as well like how you crave for the OSRS Gold.

OSRS Gold: So What?

You might be thinking on why I am talking about Overwatch while in the title of Old School Runescape. Well, the hype is so f*cking real brought by Overwatch, the whole MMORPG world should watch out for it. Really, I am not overreacting on this. I have seen, read and heard a lot of stories about people switching to playing Overwatch over the MMORPG they have been playing for the last decade. Yes, that includes Old School Runescape players. LOL I am one of the those OSRS players that gave in to the hype and there is no single regret flowing in me right now.


FPS is not the first of my favorite when it comes to game genres but Overwatch is a hell lot of fun. I’m not saying that Old School Runescape isn’t fun anymore. I am not quitting the game either because of Overwatch. The thing is, Old School Runescape should make something to their game as if their asses are on the line here. Player number might instantly go to zero because of the threat Overwatch brings to the industry. This is far from happening but it isn’t bad to buckle up and get ready for the worst because of the competition.

I am not going to say don’t buy Overwatch because I will be honest here, you will enjoy that game. LOL I am more likely to say “Buy OSRS Gold” in support of OSRS than lying to people and say don’t buy Overwatch.

Old School Runescape Gold: PvP


Last time, we have talked (hopefully you guys agreed to it) that complaining angrily to the support team of an MMORPG like Jagex on Old School Runescape is not the way to do things. Yeah, you have to approach them calmly and just say to them the problem clearly and rationally. Now we just focus on the second part of the example last time I showed you where there is a PvP problem a year ago. I dug this one up like a hidden Old School Runescape Gold.

Old School Runescape Gold: Second Part

Here is the latter half of the calm example of reporting to GM’s:

Issue #2 – Eating processes after damage calculation, but before death

This one affects PvM too, and it’s a bug.

Player 1’s max hit is 16.

Player 2’s current health is 3.

Player 2 eats a lobster in the same tick player 1 attacks. Player 1 hits a 3, and player 2 now has 12 health.

If player 1 attacks player 2 in the exact same tick player 2 eats, player 1’s max hit will be player 2’s current health, in this example, it’s 3. it should be possible for player 1 to KO player 2, by hitting a 15, but player 1’s max hit is bounded by player 2’s current health, this is bad.

The reason I bring up this issue is, if issue #1 is addressed, issue #2 will make it impossibly hard to kill somebody. The only reason issue #2 isn’t as bad as it could be is the randomized hit delays, i.e. you only have a 50% chance of actually abusing the bug.

Ex. 1 – http://i.imgur.com/oWQpuwC.gifv

This player is sitting at 2 HP, and eats a lobster at the same time they are hit with a 2h. They are hit for 2, leaving them with 12 hp. The other player can’t hit higher because of the way eating and damage calculation are processed, and therefore can’t kill player 1 in that instance.

TL;DR – Jagex’s solutions to PvP issues back when they were originally addressed were horrible, and it needs to be re-considered.

Apply the same fix which we saw back in 2008/2009, which normalized hit delays across PvP and removed the invincibility eating bug.

Old School Runescape Gold 

I honestly don’t have any PvP experience in OSRS and I was too busy farming RS 2007 Gold to get into PvP. Are these fixed already? Hopefully! Keep your cool guys and enjoy playing!

OSRS Gold: No To Rage Reporting


No MMORPG is perfect. We all know this fact, right? That is why sometimes I wonder why there are still people who complain with rage. I mean, it is not unusual to complain about some bugs or imperfections on the game but with anger? So yeah, let us take into consideration the programmers’ side and they cannot fool proof things. So let us write them our complains and report bugs calmly. For sure they will fix those if not sooner, later. I am as sure as a shining OSRS Gold.


Don’t be like this!

OSRS Gold: A Perfect Example

So, there was a post one year ago in the 2007scape subreddit about what is wrong in OSRS PvP. This was no angry post complaining about it. This was all about taking things calmly and just enumerating what were the things to be solved. No drama, just all business. That is how we as players should be when we report things that are needed to be fixed. Here is the first half of the post:

PvP in OSRS, as of this moment, is worse than private servers.

There are two main issues involved. Addressing these two issues will vastly improve the PvP community’s experience, as it removes a layer of luck from PKing. I’m aware not every player here enjoys/participates in PvP, so please take the time to understand the frustration we deal with every time we go out into the wilderness.

Issue #1 – Hit delays are randomized every attack, making it impossible to anticipate the timing of your and your opponent’s attacks.

This stems from the original issue players complained about – player ID. Jagex’s “solution”, if anything, made the problem worse. Originally, when two players engaged in combat, one of the two players experienced a consistent one tick decrease in the time it takes between their attack animation and their hit splat appearing.

As a result, one of the two players had a consistent hit delay advantage – their hits just happened slightly faster.

Jagex’s solution was to randomly flip this advantage between the two players. i.e., sometimes player 1 had a one tick decrease, and sometimes player 2 had a one tick decrease.

This is unbelievably stupid, and forces players to create an error margin of one tick whenever they make a decision to eat, switch gear, switch weapons, go for the KO, etc. The correct solution, as was applied in 2008/2009, is to remove these hit delay advantages. Hit delays should process the exact same way they do in PvM – consistent hit delay with respect to weapon of choice.

Ex. 1 – http://i.imgur.com/sLLJGpw.gifv

Notice the time it take between lifting up the bow, and the hit splat appearing. It’s not consistent, and even causes hits to stack randomly.

Ex. 2 – http://i.imgur.com/kOCPCR1.gifv

Notice how sometimes the hit splat appears when the scimitar is raised, and sometimes appears when the scimitar actually connects.

Ex. 3 – http://i.imgur.com/NvigafV.gifv

The problem persists when two players are fighting with different weapons.

This is how we should approach the game managers and programmers on how to fix the issues. We should address them the issues at hand in a low-key manner and direct to the point (with examples). We don’t have to bring in unnecessary comments because of our disappointment and anger. So guys, let us follow this great example and for sure I will. I’ll buy OSRS gold and give to each and every one of OSRS players out there if I let my anger get to me first while reporting problems in-game. I pledge to that and you should too!


Nomad’s Elegy | Sliske’s Countdown Begins for Runescape Gold Hunters

Treasure Hunter is a playable feature from within Runescape, which allows players to use Keys in order to claim in-game items as prizes. These items range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear which RS gold hunters will surely love.

runescape gold nomads elegy

Nomad’s Elegy for Runescape Gold Hunters

Whenever Nomad is around, the very fabric of Gielinor is sure to be in peril. This time, he’s trying to harness energy from all the deceased souls in Gielinor. In this new quest, travel to the afterlife, ally with the dead, lay siege to his fortress in the Underworld and stop this madness in its tracks!

But your path will not be a set one. Do you have what it takes to make some difficult choices? And what connection will your decisions have on Sliske’s Scoreboard and that nefarious Mahjarrat’s mad game? There’s only one way to find out.

Starting the Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Take the portal south-west of the Edgeville bank to Soul Wars Island. There, talk to Zimberfizz to start the quest. But first, make sure you’ve stocked up on items when you buy Runescape gold!


  • You must be a RuneScape member!
  • You must have Level 75 in the following skills: Woodcutting, Mining, Construction.
  • You must have completed the quests Dishonor among Thieves, The Mighty Fall, The Void Stares Back, Nomad’s Requiem, Throne of Miscellania, and Heart of Stone.

Rewards for Runescape Gold Hunters

High combat stats and good equipment are strongly recommended for this Master difficulty quest. Lore fans may also wish to complete Blood Runs Deep and While Guthix Sleeps prior to this quest.

Completing the quest will reward you with large XP lamps for several skills and some Invention blueprints to create some unique and powerful items which you can eventually sell for more than just cheap gold4rs.

Hunt Mobs and Earn Runescape Gold with this Easy Method!

Hunting mobs for the items they drop is a good way to make cheap RS gold. It is this technique that we will be using today to make gold4rs for your RSgold hunter. As with most gold making methods, you will need to buy RS gold as capital.

larupia fur runescape gold tips

Investing Runescape Gold for More Profit

To get cheap Runescape gold using this technique, your character needs to have at least level 31 in the Hunter skill. You can buy Runescape gold to help level it up faster, or just do a lot of hunting. Either way, once you hit the required level you will need to get to the Feldip Hunter area. Here you will hunt the Spined Larupia. It is also important that you have a Teasing stick. Your tool belt also needs to have a Hatchet and a Knife. Other necessary materials can be obtained in the hunting area.

Spined Larupia for Runescape Gold Hunters

To make your gold you will first need to catch Spined Larupia in the Feldip Hunter Area. These creatures can be looted for Big Bones and Larupia Fur. The latter can be sold on the Runescape 3 Grand Exchange for 8,330 coins. To capture the creature, you will need to create Pitfall Traps. Do this by getting logs from jungle trees in the area and using your tool belt’s knife. Once you have laid down the traps, use the Teasing Stick to have the Larupia chase you. Run towards and then jump over your Pitfall Traps until you capture the Larupia. Repeat this as needed and bank or sell your furs.

Maximizing Runescape Gold Profit

The easiest way to increase the profits for this method is to reduce the chances of the Spined Larupia jumping over your trap. The more time it takes to capture, the less Larupia Fur you’ll get per hour, which then translates to less gold per hour. The chance a creature jumps over a trap is related to your Hunter level. Increasing the skill level lessens their chance to jump. Summoning familiars secretly increases your Hunter skill temporarily. Consider summoning Spirit Larupia, Spirit Graahk, Spirit Kyatt or Artic Bear while hunting.

Generating Runescape Gold Profit from a New Skill: Invention

The long awaited skill, Invention, is finally here! The tech-level of Gielinor is about to change, and gold4rs making has never been easier! Log on and begin augmenting gear and discovering perks with this new elite skill for Runescape gold hunters. Find out more in the article below.

runescape gold elite skill invention

Requirements for Runescape Gold Hunters

You must be Level 80 in Divination, Smithing, and Crafting before you are able to access the elite skill: Invention. Once you have met these requirements, go to the Guild of Inventors, north of Falador, and speak to Doc to begin your own journey of discovery – and more than cheap RS gold making, of course!

Invention Elite Skill for Runescape Gold Profit

As mentioned before, Invention is about augmenting and modifying existing gear, adding perks that give new dimensions and possibilities. You can build sets of gear for yourself, which will certainly be useful against tricky bosses. You can also earn profit by creating advanced sets and trade them off for RSgold. The possibilities are just endless with the Invention skill! You can create a weapon that deals extra damage to demons, armor that has a chance of reducing received damage, or a mysterious enhanced Chinchompa that has dramatically increased destructive power. The power is in your hands.

As you use your augmented gear, it’ll accrue its own XP, levelling in its own right. You’ll find this to be beneficial as you make more discoveries and train Invention further. As you level up the skill, you’ll be able to branch out into specializations, determining which type of tech you learn first. Will you prioritise Dwarven inventions, or do the volatile designs of the Goblin tech branch appeal more to your sensibilities?

Disassembling Items for Runescape Gold Profit

Train the skill by disassembling your items and experimenting with their integral materials via the Invention workbench. This is the core of Invention, after all. Discovering an ever-increasing number of special perks, adding them to your items and creating new ways to quest, skill and fight through Gielinor is what makes Invention so fun and challenging at the same time! With these items, you can earn massive amounts of more than just cheap Runescape gold, especially if you manage to create advanced weaponry and gear with highly sought after perks.

Invention Skill Updates for More Runescape Gold

New inventions will be added to the game for you to discover each month this year eventually, as part of major updates coming to RS gold hunters. There’ll be several bigger batches of Invention content, as well. For now, this ought to keep you stoked!

Well, what are you waiting for? To the workbench, you go!

Creating Varrock Teleport Tabs with Runescape Gold

Travel in Runescape can cost you a lot of RSgold. If you think about it however, you can turn the tables and get cheap RS gold by selling means of transportation. This is where Teleport to Varrock Tablets come in. Buy Runescape gold and then craft them and you can start earning gold4rs easily.

runescape gold varrock teleport tablets

Investing Runescape Gold as Capital

This method of earning Runescape gold requires players to buy Runescape gold first. The gold will be used to purchase the needed Soft Clay, Law Runes and Air Runes. A Fire Staff is also needed to circumvent the need for Fire Runes. Players will also need to have access to a lectern in a player-owned house to create the Teleport to Varrock Tablets. Finally, a Magic skill level of 25 is needed for crafting the tablets.

Earning Runescape Gold out of Varrock Teleport Tabs

To craft Teleport to Varrock Tablets, players simply need to go to a lectern located in the study of a player-owned house. Once there, they can use the lectern to craft a tablet consuming a Law Rune, three Air Runes, a Fire Rune and Soft Clay in the process. Note that the tablets do not stack so you’ll only be able to carry 25 tablets per trip to the bank. Teleport to Varrock Tablets sell for 1,338 coins on average.

Maximizing Profit of Runescape Gold

Like most gold making techniques, speed can determine how much you can earn per hour. As such, a lectern close to the house entrance can shave off a few seconds per trip to the lectern. Having a Ring of Duelling is also helpful. Use it to go to the bank in Castle Wars from your house. An alternative method to leave the house would be through a portal chamber or a mounted amulet of glory. For the trip to your house, a house teleport tablet would help greatly.

Perhaps the biggest factor for this money making technique is the lectern. While it may be cheap to use the lectern in your friend’s in-game house, you won’t be able to get to it as quickly with the methods listed above. Getting your own house and a lectern just for this method however seems a waste. If you really do want a house in-game anyway, then that might be more acceptable. Finally, if you already have a house and a lectern, then you definitely need to use this technique.

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