OSRS Gold: Good Job Jagex

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It has only been no more than five days since the update in Old School Runescape came out. With the reputation of the OSRS community, you would expect the negative comments flooding the forums and discussions all over the internet. Let us not start the fresh content in a new year with the negative. Instead, let this year be as shiny as those OSRS gold and set off on a positive note. Let us focus on the good outlook of Old School Runescape players and why they did like the new patch.

OSRS Gold: One Happy Player

So in search of the good vibe, I went to the OSRS Sub-Reddit and there was OSRS_Raids. He posted what he thought about the new update and there was nothing but praises. Here’s the original post:

This update was extremely well done, for the most part. It was a massive update and has gone off with almost no substantially bugs or glitches.(There are a couple, but that’s to be expected).

Rewards are well balanced, essentially paying for supplies if a unique is not received, and extremely profitable upon receiving a unique. (How I’ve always felt bossing should be) Also, with the difficulty of raids, uniques should remain high priced for quite a while.

The bosses themselves are varied and difficult enough that you can’t go through one raid and know exactly how it works. You need to go through several just to become familiar with the bosses, and then several more to develop strategies and learn how to quickly move through the dungeon.

The only downsides that I can think of would be the amount of time that creating supplies takes, as well as the fact that a 3rd party communication software isn’t necessary, but it is basically detrimental not to have it.

Overall, you deserve some congratulations on a job well done.

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It is quite refreshing to know that there’s at least one person who thinks the update is great. It is something new to look forward to for every OSRS player out there. The game could use new content and Jagex provided one with flying colors. Hopefully the new raids reward big chunk of Old School Runescape gold so that players have additional incentive in doing the new content. This is a wonderful news and I hope the good news just keep on rolling.

How about you? What do you think? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

OSRS Gold: It is Near!

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The much awaited Old School Runescape update is just a day away! Are you ready? How would one know if they are ready? Does it include OSRS gold? Read on to find out!

OSRS Gold: Raid Qualifications

Mod_Ronan posted in Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit regarding the upcoming addition to the game. Here are the requirements to be able to participate in the Overload (new raid):

Hey everyone,

We’ve mentioned a few different possibilities for the final requirements of Overloads within raids. This sparked quite a bit of discussion and, based on the feedback we’ve received, we have decided to go with the following requirements:

  • Tier 1 Overload Level 60 Herblore – Boost of 4 + 10% for Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic.
  • Tier 2 Overload Level 75 Herblore – Boost of 5 + 13% for Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic.
  • Tier 3 Overload Level 90 Herblore – Boost of 6 + 16% for Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic.

With two options below the Tier 3 Overload, there is plenty of room for people with lower Herblore levels to participate in raids.

It should also be noted that it is possible to transfer Overloads between members of your raiding party – meaning only one member of your party would need 90+ Herblore in order for your entire team to be able to utilise the best tier of Overload.

On top of this, it will be possible to receive drops of a few Tier 3 Overloads from bosses within a raid.

While there were talks of the requirement for the Tier 3 Overload being level 96 Herblore, we felt that this was simply too high. This is something that was agreed upon both within the team and throughout the community.

We feel that 90 Herblore is the right level to be both reasonable to achieve and something to aspire to for a majority of Old School players.

If you have any further questions, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer.

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Are you ready for this? Tomorrow is the day. Set aside your Old School Runescape gold farming for now and let’s go raiding everyone!



OSRS Gold: Raiding

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Old School Runescape is going to have a raid in the game. It is about time Jagex putting something in the game that has something to do with cooperative PVE. OSRS has been focusing too much on PVP, in my opinion, that it is only a matter of time that players will think the game is going stale. Yes, the game is still freaking fun with what it has right now, especially all the OSRS gold I can get, but that can only bring the game so far. Players will still have that need of some team player versus environment. Now that it’s announced Old School Runescape has raiding, I am somewhat relieved and eager to see this update.

OSRS Gold: Looting

One of the main concerns in raiding is how each player gets their loot and on things they can do with them. Someone in OSRS Sub-Reddit has somehow has a same concern and I would like to share it with you guys. Here is his post:

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know OSRS is getting raids on the 5th.

As far as I’m aware the reward system will work similar to what you guys have with your raid (everyone that participated in the kill receives their own loot).

My question(s) to you is how do you distribute loot?

-Do you split if you receive an item above a certain coin threshold?

-Do you split raid specific gear?

I’m a part of a smallish clan on OSRS and we’re currently discussing how we should go about this. A lot of people want to split loot but I don’t see the point in splitting an item with a large group of people if some people didn’t put as much effort into raids as others.

I’m asking for your opinion so I can give more constructive feedback to our discussion, thank you in advance!

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I am pretty sure OSRS players will encounter ninja looting or whatever when it comes to looting (if you can convert it to Old School Runescape Gold also) and that is one aspect of the new raid update that I am looking forward to observe. Hopefully Jagex will not screw this one up. What do you think guys? Let us know what you think.

OSRS Gold: Go Mobile!

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With the fast advancement of technology, sometimes you will wonder why certain games don’t improve and / or why can’t they be accessible in other platforms. For example, Old School Runescape still can’t be played in mobile phones. The game dates back before smart phones became popular. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge on the capabilities of smart phones, you would know that handheld devices should be able to handle OSRS. Heck, smart phones can play old Playstation 2 games! There is also a game right now, Albion Online, with high graphics requirements, can be played in smart phones! So yeah, you would wonder why Old School Runescape is still not available for Android or iOS phones. Imagine, you can farm OSRS gold while on the move if that is only possible.

OSRS Gold: Same Sentiment

Someone shares the same sentiment of mine from Reddit, thinking that OSRS should be accessible through smart phones. His post is entitled “After coming back to OSRS, I still am confused as to why, with how powerful smart phones are, we can’t get a mobile client.” Here is the post of NickMotionless:

Like, what the shiz, Jagex? These crappy graphics could’ve been ran on the first gen iPhone. Why is there no Android/iOS client? I get that Java is hard to emulate because it’s not natively on either platform, . With GNU Root and the GNU Runescape on Android, it’s doable, but running it through what is essentially a mobile VM for Linux results in god-awful performance. Teamviewer also sucks as well because it’s annoying to have to deal with the massive input latency and laggy video.

I yearn for a time when Oldschool Runescape can be played on long road trips and flights through your data connection. The grind is too real to not be able to devote all your free time on the move to it.

OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold

Exactly what I thought! Old School Runescape is undoubtedly playable in iOS or Android. I wonder why Jagex doesn’t take advantage of this? More platform to play the game means more revenue! For us players, it will be easier to earn more Old School Runescape Gold and enjoy the game’s other aspects. What do you guys think? I am pretty sure you do! Leave your opinion on the comments section below.

OSRS Gold: Planning on Streaming?

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Even though Old School Runescape is an old game, there are still many players that stream while playing the game. You would think that streaming OSRS is pretty boring but it is otherwise. People and OSRS players watch popular streamers on how they go about the game. For example, when a veteran OSRS player farm shows people how to farm OSRS gold easily; yes people are actually interested on those and watch streams like those.

OSRS Gold: Aspiring to Stream

Are you planning to be an Old School Streamer as well? Someone in the OSRS Reddit shared his story on how he is new to streaming and planning to make his streams to be more interesting. You might able to relate to this post:

Hey guys, I’ve been a huge fan of Runescape for a long time now, about 10 years or so. I recently got into streaming for fun, as I find myself watching streams daily and it has completely replaced my TV consumption now that I think about it.

Anyways, after coming back to OSRS a few weeks ago due to starting an iron man (I’m addicted now help), I’ve decided to stream for fun! 🙂 I plan to stream my Ironman and hopefully someone else can get caught up in the addiction of progression like I currently am.

Okay, that’s enough for background info. I’m not looking for upvotes or anything, but any comments or tips you can give me for streaming in general, as well as specifically about OSRS streaming (ex: what content to stream in OSRS, pvp or pve). Any general advice or specific advice in regards to OSRS streaming would be amazing! I love the community and I’m excited to see if this subreddit can help me out at all 🙂

OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

If you are an OSRS player and you often watch OSRS streamers, what content do you want to see from an aspiring streamer? How to get Old School Runescape gold is one. What else? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

OSRS Gold: Still No MTX

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Ever wonder how OSRS is still alive today? You do? Same here. Yes Old School Runescape requires for players to buy membership but as far as I know and correct me if I’m wrong, the number of players playing the game can’t even pay the salaries of a team of support. How much of the numerous developers for OSRS for those new content? And as if they get OSRS Gold for salary right? So, how in the world the game is still afloat?

OSRS Gold: Micro Transactions

Usually, MMORPGs that want to stay alive but you know is in desperation in doing so, resort to micro-transactions. Micro-transactions require an item shop and people buying in impulse. Most of the time, these patrons won’t notice that they are buying unreasonably. In my opinion, Old School Runescape’s standing in the MMORPG race will force them to follow this format of collecting income but to our surprise, they haven’t done this. Someone in Reddit wonders about the same thing and this is his post:

I’ve been loving OSRS’s popularity as of late, even before the DMM hype, OSRS has consistently had 10-15k more players online than RS3. I’m just curious as to how they’re able to keep MTX out of this game?

I mean don’t get me wrong, like probably all of you, I hate the idea of MTX, but how is Jagex able to get the investors and such to lay off OSRS as a MTX profit opportunity? I hate to say it but they don’t have a care in the world about the integrity of the game or whether or not even it’d ruin the game for some, if they lost half the players due to buyable XP through an MTX update, yet the remaining half stuck around and bought a bunch of shit, it would yield them more profit overall.

Am I just being pessimistic about it all? Been playing rs for a solid 12 years and I’ve been fucked by Jagex too many times over the years…just don’t know if I should trust the future of the game now that it’s looking like OSRS is gonna become Jagex’s most successful version of the game

OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

So why do you think OSRS haven’t resorted to micro-transactions? Jagex can put an option there wherein players can buy Old School Runescape Gold there for in-game use and many more in-game benefits in the item store. Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

OSRS Gold: Voicing Out

Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, RS 2007 Gold

If you are updated to the topics I have been posting, you are fully aware of the alleged unjust bans from Jagex on OSRS Accounts. Those Old School Runescape Accounts have been accused of botting, macroing and other violations and the owners of those accounts claim that they didn’t. Anyways, maybe they are afraid there OSRS gold will be reclaimed also that’s why they immediately complain that they “didn’t” violate any game rules.

OSRS Gold: React

Someone actually voiced out his opinion on the matter and he made a lot of sense. I read it from Reddit and here is the body (not entirely) of his post:

So many of these threads drive the same torch and pitchfork attitude toward the OSRS team/Jagex as calling out induvidual players does. Proof? At least with the cheaters people will from time to time post actual proof, sometimes undeniable proof, and even they are still removed, IMO that is fine. Keep the rules, no exceptions sure, fine, great. But these “I got unfairly banned, OMG Jagex is so mean” posts haven’t got the proof just like call out threads haven’t got proof. Still yet the Jagex team will always chime in on the ones that gain traction on the front page, and say, “nice try cheater”. Will there be fringe cases where a person is unfairly banned? Yes…just like there are plenty of cases where call outs are true. Still, letting those threads around would just be bad and I argue that these dramatic threads don’t really have a point. If you want to know how Jagex deals with Bans. So because the OSRS team even replies is against the policy in the first place, they are just THAT awesome.

That being said, I really do say that this topic is strangely let go loose. Now by now you might be saying “READ THE RULES IN THE SIDEBAR!” to which I respond oh really? Then why are such threads routinely allowed to hit the front page? It is inconsistent with enforcement of other rules. By letting this go, it is essentially not against the rules. It is a rule in word alone. I’d say be consistent. We need to lax on how other rules are enforced depending on the situation, or be staunch and remove ALL posts that are ban appeals.

OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Buy OSRS Gold, Jagex

So yeah, there are many means to avoid getting banned and making sure that you won’t. You would be farming all those Old School Runescape Gold and carelessly forgets to make sure to follow all safety measures to not get hacked or accused of violating Jagex rules? You should be careful and follow everything. Hear the man, let us know what you think!

Reasons to get OSRS accounts

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OSRS, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold

Old School Runescape has been enjoying a large player-base ever since August of 2007, and it has garnered hundreds of thousands of players. It is continuing to do so to this day. As such, OSRS accounts have been created one after the other. Its restoration back in February 2013, which was demanded and voted for by 449,351 players, only further boosted that momentum.


OSRS, Old School Runescape, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, Jagex


Enjoy a clean in-game economy by making OSRS accounts

Old school Runescape’s economy isn’t as messed up compared to that of the new one, so if you just buy osrs accounts instead of the new ones, you’ll end up enjoying your time easily catching up to the high scores in no time. You can have your 15 minutes of fame there, whereas in the new Runescape, you’ll find that making it to the high scores is just not doable within a short period of time. So many players in the new Runescape already have maxed out their skills, so this will prove to be an obstacle for beginners. Furthermore, the warped economy of the new Runescape is another difficulty commonly encountered by beginners of the game.


Easy OSRS accounts creation, easy installation

Starting out as a small browser game back in 2001, Old School Runescape was all about offering players easy access to an online RPG experience, favoring a free-to-play model over the dominantly used subscription model. As such, the game’s engine couldn’t have been as powerful as other big games. This also means that installation is easy considering the very low requirements and specs of the game. Pretty much anyone with a decent computer would be able to install and play this game easily. Granted, the game is already old, but has received numerous graphical and gameplay updates necessary to compete with the new MMORPG’s coming out.


Dynamic OSRS accounts

Old School Runescape is unique in the way that its accounts are intuitive of the types of weapons the player uses, which determines what kind of skills and masteries it levels-up. The player can switch between various classes to play with, and what skills to level up each time.


If all else fails, it’s always easy to just sell osrs accounts and make money off of it considering how many avid OSRS players there are around the globe.

A Runescape beginner’s log: Apparently, OSRS gold farming is lucrative


First off, please go easy on me should I mention anything that’s off or inaccurate in this article, keep in mind that this is written by a beginner. So apparently, if I got this right, there are two kinds of Runescape games out there – one is the contemporary and updated one, and the other is the “Old school” one that came out back in 2007. I looked into the old school one by watching some videos on Youtube, and learned that the economy of the old school Runescape game is so far really good and ideal for profit-making – and in real life at that.


Turn your OSRS gold into a fortune

From what I can tell, there are opportunistic players who farm gold in game, and then buy precious in-game items and resources with the gold, after which they sell these items for real life money. Sounds simple enough, and they actually make tons of money with this OSRS gold business racket. I’m talking thousands of dollars. Sweet stuff. Plus, there’s a way to buy OSRS gold somewhere in there (or out there) – I just don’t know the details yet. So yeah, there’s more than one way to acquire in-game gold, if you’re lucky you might even get sweet deals for cheap OSRS gold. Just do your research, and be resourceful! Get to know the ins and outs of the game and the racket. That sort of stuff.




Stuff you can buy in-game using OSRS gold

In the video I saw on Youtube, the guy was trading his coins in exchange for certain precious resources in the game like yew logs, maple seeds, palm tree seeds, papaya tree seeds, pineapple seeds, apple tree seeds, curry tree seeds, orange tree seeds, calquat tree seeds, acorn, banana tree seeds, and more. Talk about “farming” in-game and in real life at the same time. There’s no shortage of resources in-game that you can exploit. No wonder a lot of players still play this old game even though the graphics are outdated – they turn it into a money-making machine! I’ll play this game definitely to check it out, and who knows, maybe I’ll even try my hand at the whole racketing thing and make some few bucks and maybe a living.

OSRS Gold: Good News

OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold

You would think that Old School Runescape has lesser number of players since it is an older game. Yeah, I know it isn’t always the case but if you think about it, newer games have better graphics, finer gameplay, more content, etc. It is almost a certainty that players will pick the newer game. Well, for this instance, it is Runescape 3 over Old School Runescape. That is not the case though. There are more Old School Runescape players than Runescape 3. Whether it is because of OSRS gold or not, the older game is actually being played more than the newer one.

OSRS Gold: Truth, You Think?

Well, I am not sure this is pretty sure but if it is a good news for Old School Runescape, I will take it as true. Someone posted in OSRS Subreddit about this and it is a feel good post:

This is pretty insane. OSRS is clearly getting more players. I know that it is still weekend and that is has a huge impact on the player count, but still… I remember when we didn’t even have 50k players on OSRS and to see that number rise is just so… amazing.

How would Jagex react when more people would actually start to play OSRS?

Old School Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Comparison, Opinion

The post’s title is “Of the 95.000 players currently playing Runescape, 57.000 are playing OSRS” and posted by Lovoskea. This is not far from truth since Old School Runescape really has lots of players. I just didn’t think that it would surpass Runescape 3 granted that Runescape 3 has better graphics and fresh content. It goes to show that even though Old School Runescape is an older game, it is still enjoyable to play. Not taking away anything from Runescape 3, of course. Maybe Old School Runescape gold is more fun to farm? Who knows?! The important thing is we have a good news here.

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