OSRS Gold: Thanks To Internet

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It is amazing to think that the gaming world is flourishing now thanks to the internet. I am not only saying this because of MMORPG’s. Single player games are transformed to multiplayer because the power of internet can do that now. Even LAN games are now playable through online. Heck, fighting games, yes, fighting games can be enjoyed by going up against someone from another country. That is how internet brings wonders to the gaming world. Just like in OSRS, if there is no internet, I won’t be able to enjoy the game and have fun farming so much OSRS Gold.

OSRS Gold: Big But

We are thankful that the internet connected the whole world but there is still one major road block when it comes to games. That road block is language barrier. We might be able to play with players all over the world but since the language we speak are different, the chance of interaction just plummets. Worst case is, people won’t play a game that they don’t understand the language of. Take this story from the OSRS subreddit about players wanting to play Old School Runescape but don’t because of language barrier:

Hi, I’ve been playing OSRS for about a year now. I’ve never played the game before because nobody around me knew of the game, I live in France and people here don’t know anything about Runescape. I stumbled upon this game on accident and fell in love with it when i saw videos of the PVM’ing.

I’ve been trying to get my friends to play the game but since they don’t really speak english like I do they don’t understand what to do in the game. This made me think of how many players we could get if Jagex implemented multi-language.

I’m not talking about different servers, i’m actually talking about making everything text-wise in the game being translated.

I know you guys are probably focusing on other things like Raids and DMM but think of it this way, most of the people that play are american/english or they just speak english and have been exposed to the game thanks to the internet but the people who don’t speak english have never even heard of it.

This could honestly bring the game so many more players and I really really do hope that Jagex implements something of this sort, I know it isn’t easy but it’s something that could be so helpful.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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This is absolutely sad. It is not because OSRS is a bad game. It is because they cannot understand anything in the game mainly because they don’t speak good English. Hopefully Jagex has a solution to this or will solve this one. I would pay a big ton of Old School Runescape Gold for whoever comes up with a solution for this.

OSRS Gold: Do You Wonder?

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There are many Runescape 3 players that are formerly Old School Runescape players. It could be that OSRS got old for them that merited the transfer to Runescape 3 or they just found Runescape 3 more fun to play. Whatever the reason is, for sure, they enjoyed Old School Runescape as well. I would bet all of my OSRS gold that they did have fun in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Curious

For those who moved on to Runescape 3 and never looked back, they don’t know the reasons why people stuck on playing Old School Runescape. Like this guy posted in Old School Runescape Sub Reddit, he left OSRS for a reason and now plays Runescape 3. He is curious to what the reasons people stayed playing Old School Runescape that he posted this:

RS3 player here. I originated in OS, but switched to 3 mostly because the obsidian maul ruined lower level pking and I didn’t want to put in all the work to get to higher levels just to pk at all, skilling felt too slow, and not feeling any motivation to keep going. I’m curious what you personally like in OS that makes you play it over RS3. Pure nostalgia? More “rewarding” skilling? A bigger pking community? I’m genuinely curious.

Old School Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Comparison, Opinion

Old School Runescape players just like how it is true to how it was back in 2007. The old system of combat plus the nostalgic feel of the game is a great plus for Old School Runescape players. The distinction of the two also in terms of the PvP and PvE aspects, OSRS players still love the Old School Runescape mechanics. It just all boils down to preference. No need to think about the reasons and compare the two games. To me, this just instigates hatred among the two and is completely unnecessary. I just still love farming my Old School Runescape Gold in OSRS.

OSRS Gold: Nostalgic Like This?

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There are only three of reasons I think about why people still play Old School Runescape. One could be that nostalgia is still there. The fun of playing the game, even if it is over a decade old already, is still overflowing. Another could be that OSRS is the only game that their machine can handle. This is not a stating that OSRS is a bad game. I know a handful of friends that play Old School Runescape because their laptops cannot run any games with higher requirements than OSRS and for that, they loved the game. Last and definitely not the least, they like earning OSRS Gold. Yes, I have friends who plays the game mainly because they just love farming those in-game currency in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Nostalgia

I may have given three reasons but let me share a story by Livelypower in OSRS Subreddit on how he enjoys progressing in OSRS because of nostalgia.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a long time lurker on this sub and I recently decided to start playing again! I used to play RS3 but i eventually got bored and quit about a year ago. I hopped on in osrs f2p last week and nostalgia got the better of me! My osrs account is basically a new account besides some woodcutting, mining and cooking levels.

I wanted to post the progress I made these last three days (nothing huge, I’m a casual player but god knows how long that’ll stay that way) and take part in the community (read: get to know the game better and shitpost wildly alongside all of you).

So far i’ve done in no particular order:

  • Plague city
  • Biohazard
  • Holy grail
  • The Feud
  • Waterfall Quest
  • Ardougne Easy Diary

 OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Buy OSRS Gold

I’m pretty proud of my progress but I don’t really know what to do next or what my goals should be at this point in time, so if any of you want to add me in game or give me some tips in this thread/pm me that would be kindly appreciated! As far as I’m concerned, this game is more fun with people you can have a good time with! (My IGN is also Livelypower)

Hope to hear from you!

If you are playing OSRS, hit Livelypower up! A good way to make friends and trade some Old School Runescape Gold with.

OSRS Gold: Quieter Than Usual

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There are many and different personalities in every player community and the Old School Runescape population is not an exception. There will always be those who hate so much on every little thing in the game but still plays it and the complete opposite of that, the ones who are ever so understanding. There are those, of course, who are the combination of both. This in turn makes the OSRS player base have diverse opinions on topics thus making things really interesting. At least, for me. The clash on opinions spices things up in forums, chat rooms and comments section. I will pay a good amount of OSRS Gold to see such logical arguments but most of the time, I don’t get to read one.

OSRS Gold: The Community

Despite the fact that you know the OSRS Community consists of different personalities, the toxic people still emerged thus making people think the whole population is, well, toxic. But as time goes by, these loud and annoying OSRS players have toned down. Is it because Jagex finally satisfied their rants, shutting them up? Or they just got tired of all the nonsensical yelling and complaining? Maybe, there are so many of them complaining on the same thing over and over again that they agreed upon it and just decided to stop? I don’t know the reason but I noticed it as well. There are less and less rant posts and comments about Old School Runescape and Jagex compared to the previous months and years. Did you notice it as well?

OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS Community

As much as we want this sudden quiet atmosphere in OSRS, I think this is just like a “calm before the storm.” The next mistake by Jagex will wake them up causing another thunderstorm of rants. I don’t know. OSRS is just good as it is for me right now that’s why I don’t understand them. Maybe they just don’t get a good amount of Old School Runescape Gold. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

OSRS Gold: Will You Believe This?

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Old School Runescape is the version of Runescape from way back 2007. Over the years, players and fans give their opinions on how the game should improve and what are the things should be removed from the game. Theories of all sorts of the game also are shared from the creative minds of the OSRS population. Assumptions on what the game will be like after x number of years or concepts on how to make OSRS gold without effort; these are some of the products of the ingenious minds of the OSRS community.

OSRS Gold: Here’s One

Speaking of one of the examples of theories from one of the OSRS players is this post by RSReorchestrated in Reddit:

If you think about it, OSRS uses the version of RuneScape from back in 2007. There have been a bit more than 3 years of Old School RuneScape. 2007 + 3 = 2010, Dungeoneering was released to RuneScape in 2010. Raids is going to be somewhat like Dungeoneering. Does this mean that some sort of Evolution of Combat is actually going to happen in 2 more years of Old School RuneScape? Or… If we backtrack to the beginning of the post, I mentioned that there has been a bit more than 3 years of OSRS. There are 3 sides in a triangle shaped figure. They recently made this song called “Ice and Fire” that has a reference to the Illuminati Song in it and the Doors of Dinh have a triangle shaped figure with an eye. I recently just mentioned the reference to the Illuminati Song in the song “Ice and Fire”. They referenced to the Illuminati Song. Don’t you get it by now? It should be clear…


 OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

This is some funny stuff that’s why I needed to share with you guys. Whether you believe this or not, we have to give RSReorchestrated credit. Maybe give him some Old School Runescape Gold when I see him in-game.

What do you guys think? Do you have a (funny) theory like this? Share it with us in the comments section!

OSRS Gold: Through The Years 2

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Last time I shared to you guys the first part of the post by Kolo_True in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit. It was all about reminiscing the days when he watched and played OSRS and how the flow of OSRS Gold was so interesting. Now, I will share to you the second and last part of his post.

OSRS Gold: Looking Back Part 2

It is pretty refreshing to read posts like these because you get to know others’ stories outside of the game. Players don’t really have that chance to get to know the experiences and thoughts of players outside of the game or even in-game. There are minimal to zero opportunity to talk about these stuff cause players tend to be busy doing in-game activities such as farming Old School Runescape Gold. Okay guys, here is the second part of Kolo_True’s post:

Nevertheless I am thankful for being able to play this game that I thought I would never see again. Now I’m off to go get more gp in one kill than what I made in 2 years of playing RS with no idea what I was doing other than exploring and finding new aspects of the game without foreknown knowledge.

Extra thoughts if anyone cares to read :

(Don’t hate me for this but it was like when I played Cod 4 and Halo 3 on Xbox live for the first time in 07 [I was 11 at the time], I was so amazed at what we now a days see as simple things. I remember the first game I played on both just like I remember my first day of being a member on RS.

I killed a goblin and got a bronze spear and I freaked out and thought I was the shit lol. I then went and “robbed” men and women and killed a few to find a “clue scroll?” To never complete one until OSRS.

Just loved thinking about being a noob and a friends video made me think and remember alot of nice memories. Cheers to anyone who read this long post, feel free to post any of your first day of member experiences or just in general some thing you loved to do back then.)

OSRS, Old School Runescape, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold

How about you? Anything interesting to share about your experiences with Old School Runescape? Share it with us in the comments section

OSRS Gold: Through The Years

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If you are still playing Old School Runescape in 2016, you must be a true fan of the game. Despite of all the big MMORPG names out there, you still choose to play the game that does not claim best on anything. There is nothing wrong with that. Honestly, kudos to you if you still do.  Loyalty to a game means you are pretty dedicated to it which is rare. I bet you have a lot of OSRS Gold in your bank right now.

OSRS Gold: Looking Back Part 1

You know I like spending time in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit to ready some interesting stuff from players. Whether they are stories, suggestions or rants, anything interesting from there, I share it here. So here’s one interesting post from someone who looked back 10 years ago to share his Old School Runescape experience:

So as I was taking my weekly shower I was reminiscing about when I first started playing Runescape. Through a few memories the few that sticks out as me having the most fun/excited during the time I was logged on.

I love to watch what items got sold in the General store in world 2 in Varrock. Just seeing items I never have seen before like rune picks, dmeds, various rune items and under, that I only hoped one day I would have enough gp to buy. I remember seeing an item pop and my heart would raise and I went to go buy the item to only not get the item and have thoughts of “why again did I miss out on that item.

I remember seeing a Dragon Dagger sold to the shop and I went to buy it with me hoping to be able to afford it and getting so excited as I had never seen a dragon item ingame to only be told I need like 45k~ to buy it.

After watching a friend’s recent video it made me want to try and remember some of the times I had playing this game with my friends, countless times I would sleep over at my buddy who introduced me to RS. We only had one pc their, and since it was his I let him play on his account, so I probably sat behind him watching play RS for a few days of my life lmfao.

Old School Runescape Gold, RS 2007 Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

I loved the fact that he had someone to play with during his time in OSRS. It is quite hard to enjoy the game when you don’t have real life friends to play with. Yes, you can meet new friends in-game but it is still better to have someone you know personally that plays the game as well. Someone you can share Old School Runescape Gold with when they need it and vice versa. We will continue his amusing story next writeup!

OSRS Gold: Being Good to Jagex Now

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I have been harsh towards Jagex lately in my posts. They were merely reactions to what I read. Those bad posts about Jagex not doing their jobs might not be totally true but making someone post something like those came with a reason. I think no one would post bad about Jagex if they didn’t actually experience anything bad. If only every OSRS player have so much OSRS Gold that they wouldn’t mind all these negative things surrounding the game.

OSRS Gold: On a Different Note

Let’s look at the good side of Jagex now this time. Someone posted that Jagex has the best group of developers he has ever known. Wonder what he said? Here they are:

  1. Almost all of them got the job by being huge fans of the game, they all know and love their own game and play it themselves.
  2. ModMatK and others have constantly stated how the staff are staying up very late, and overtime to push out content – going above their duty to deliver content.
  3. They all have good community relations, example: they all have a twitter, reddit account etc that they constantly talk to the community with, they connect with us and even answer questions/discuss the game outside of their working time.
  4. They listen to the community, and add the thingswe want added to the game, they take suggestions and community designed content. They dont push their ideas if we dont want them, and are happy to take criticism with their work (i.e Mod Ghosts firecape designs, i.e not adding things unless they get 75%)
  5. They go out of their way to host an hour long Q&A every single week, ontop of the effort that goes into the technical side of the stream, I have never heard of any other game developers doing something this dedicated. They also have a big youtube channel with all the Q&A’s, and many other developer blog, content-teaser videos, and more.
  6. They are all very nice people, open with the community and dont cause any drama or issues, they are all very smart people
  7. They give out $10,000 to players who win tournaments, they’re literally paying people to play their own game.
  8. They have a big presence in real life events – i.e RuneFest, EGX, Twitchcon etc, they go out a lot to get the game in the spotlight.

OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Jagex

This is the list of good stuff by Magnaboy from the OSRS subreddit. He is right in his entire list. He won’t be saying this much unless he was offered a lot of Old School Runescape Gold for this, which I doubt he was.

Do you agree with him? Let us know why in the comments section.

Old School Runescape Gold: Emi-Lie Pt. 2

OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape, OSRS

Last time, we talked about how Emily not only faked cancer, there’s the assumption that she also used viewbots. Viewbotting basically is using a third party program that generates viewers so that one’s stream has an illusion of having many audiences. This will make a streamer’s session boost popularity and in turn, generate more money. I do not know the specifics but that is the aim, to profit by fooling everyone. I still think Emily needs dough to buy Old School Runescape Gold.

Old School Runescape Gold: Continuation

I will now continue on sharing you the thoughts of that post in Reddit regarding Emily viewbotted. The next images show the graph of (real) popular streamer of Old School Runescape.


As you can see, the growth in the number of viewers gradually increased. This growth stops at a certain point. Sometimes there is no stopping to the increase at all. Comparing these images to that of Emily, we can assume that there is something suspicious on her statistics. If you think the comparisons are just coincidental, the poster even compared Emily’s graph to that of someone who got caught viewbotting, Pink_Sparkles. Here is her view graph:

Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, RS2007, RS2007 Gold, Old School Runescape

The resemblance of Pink_Sparkles’ and Emily’s is undeniable. Emily used viewbot. The conclusion of the post is this:

I think it’s important that this community doesn’t support streamers that are trying to cheat their way to the top, especially during these hard times. There are a lot of good people that are way more deserving of views.

This is obviously known to the Twitch Staff, but they won’t deal with her as she’s making good money for them. And the fact that out Moderator Team Leader Mod Mat K is the fuckboy of her doesn’t help either, look at how he defends her during these tough times and how Emily only got banned for two weeks for buying 200M/RWTing while I and many others immediately got permed when we did the same exact thing for the very first time?

He is right. There are more streamers that work hard and honest for the number of viewers they get. We should throw our cash and RS2007 gold at those deserving streamers rather than these con artists.

What do you think? Feel free to react on our comments section regarding this.

OSRS Gold: Emi-Lie

OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Emily, Emilyispro

Every Old School Runescape player and fan knows Emily. Yes, that streamer of OSRS that faked cancer. When I found out about her, and no, I didn’t watch her stream, I was completely dumbfounded. Why would one fake a cancer? Oh right, to get sympathizing viewers. Another one, why would you fake cancer to get viewers on Old School Runescape?! I would understand if you do that on a more legitimate reason like you are playing World of Warcraft or on the very popular Overwatch. Well, I guess it was all about the money from views for her to afford OSRS Gold. Maybe I’m wrong. Only she knows.

OSRS Gold: That’s Why

If it wasn’t enough, apparently, Emily (emilyispro) was allegedly using a viewbot. Yes, she was viewbotting in addition to faking cancer to make it seem that she has so many viewers. My eyes were opened to this by this post on Reddit:

It’s pretty obvious that the notorious streamer called “Emilyispro” is a pretty known figure in our friendly OSRS community. Most of you know that there are rumors going around stating that she has ”faked” cancer and that she loves to “viewbot” her streams, I don’t want to get into the whole “faked cancer” situation so I’ll only discuss the “viewbotting”

She always has a consitent 1000-1300 viewership base but she somehow manages to have the most dead chat of the whole streaming world, and it’s pretty mind blowing how you get auto banned for even mentioning the word “viewbot” or “cancer”.

So I finally decided to look up her viewership stats and they clearly show that she’s view-botting.

OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Emily, Emilyispro

This is one of the five images in the original post but they all look the same. The sudden boost in viewers was unusual. The number of viewers compared to the number of people who actively chatted was suspicious.

There are more evidences to this and we will continue on my next blog post. Old Sschool Runescape Gold or not, she shouldn’t have been donated with that much money.

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