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Making potions in cytotec buy cheap is one of the many methods to earn your coins. The profits are not limited to just the concoctions you mix however. Selling Ashes from burned spare logs can also earn you some Runescape Gold. Read on for details.

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How to turn trees into Runescape gold

To make a fire you need logs. To maximize your profits, make sure to use buy cytotec online canada. Not only do you help those who earn their Runescape gold from cutting trees, you also save coins because they are the cheapest. Once you have your logs, you can start your fires and make your potions. If you have a lot of logs, you can even make long rows of fires to turn them into Ashes much quickly. The faster they burn, the faster you get to your Runescape gold.

Save the environment! Sell your Ashes for Runescape gold

So you’re done with your potions, smoked your meats and burned enough wood to scare off Smokey Bear, now what? Well, it’s time to buy cytotec online with no perscription. Head over to the Grand Exchange and sell them for 392 coins and buy yourself that new weapon you’ve always wanted.

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Players who are always concerned about their character status needs lots of runescape gold, so they can replace their weapons. But some runescape players don’t just want to get rid of their rs items. Remember that you can always trade some canadian generic cytotec no prescriptionrs items. Trading is one of the oldest features but play’s a huge part for Runescape. As long as players have some skills to do trading, they all have a steady canadian pharmacy no prescription cytotec or runescape gold.

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Sharpen your trading skills to earn reasonable amount of runescape gold.

A friendly chat always helps players to find a good offer or a good location to do trading. cheap cytotec no prescription is a player auctions house station for players where they can buy or sell each other tradable or useful rs items. Trading is divided into 3 ways. First trading window, second trading window or Initiating trade.

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More prices coming in the Christmas event and more Rs gold you can earn

Starting today, Jagex will start their cytotec online called the 15 Days of Christmas. This event is a Christmas related event in which only last for 15 days only. On this event, members can obtain a festive cracker which will give you random prices. The cytotec without a prescription can be used by both players in order to open it. Once opened, both players will gain 1000 bonus XP on random skills and at the same time, the original owner of the Festive Cracker will gain a random prices. One of them is the rare Black Santa Hat. This is a rare hate which is also tradable and can be sold in the Grand Exchange for RS gold.

Players who are still not a member can use their RS gold to buy Bonds from Grand Exchange. The Bonds can be used to become a member. You should check out the limited offer membership deals that have tons of benefits and bonuses.



Try out the second world event and obtain rewards and make RS gold

Runescape players, try out this exciting new world event that Jagex recently released. The event is called, generic 200mcg cytotec online. This second world event introduces two gods; Armadyl and Bandos. These gods fight over weapons of mass destruction. Players get to choose which faction they want. Once you’re faction won, you can obtain awesome rewards or make more Rs gold by selling the rewards.

In this second world even, Divination skill has a role in the world event, safe PVP is available, and players can build golems. The golems can either defend or attack the opposing faction. Players who contributed in their faction can earn Renown. The Renown can be used to exchange for rewards they want. You could even generic cytotec canada by selling some of the rewards or you could just use them.

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A Christmas event in Runescape: more RS gold and prizes to come

It’s almost time for Christmas and Jagex is already prepared. Jagex will be having a Christmas related event this day and only lasted for 15 days. This event is called how to get cytotec. The members in Runescape will be able to obtain festive crackers that could be open by two players. Once the festive cracker is opened, both players will obtain 1000 bonus experience to a random skill. Not only that, the player who originally owns the festive cracker will obtain a random price. If you’re lucky, you could even win the the Black Santa Hat which is a rare item. The Black Santa hat is tradable and you could sell those for Rs gold in the Grand Exchange.

Wearing a Christmas outfit will increase the member to obtain a festive cracker while using the skills or killing. It will increase by 20% on each Christmas outfit. The more you gain festive crackers the more chance you could win a great price and how to order cytotec online without a prescription.



Join faction, fight the others, obtain more rewards and Rs gold

After the first world event “Battle of Lumbridge”, Jagex released a second one called “generic 200mcg cytotec online”. This event introduces the gods; Armadyl and Bandos. These gods fight over the weapons of mass destruction. In addition to that, players can kill each other in the PVP-safe areas and raid other faction’s caravans. Players may have chance to obtain powerful weapons and armors by contributing themselves in their respective faction and gain more RS gold by selling the rewards in the Grand Exchange.

Each player will obtain Renown when the players contribute to their factions. While Members can gain 30,000 Renown daily, FREE players only obtain 14,000 each day. If you have an excess RS gold, be sure to become a Member by buying the Bonds in the Grand exchange. You can redeem the bonds into member subscription.

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Access to the members only areas and make more Rs gold

Before the big update from Jagex next year, try joining and become a member of cytotec online no prescription and experience tons of benefits and bonuses. While you’re a member, you can access in the cytotec without prescription areas. You can have more chance to obtain items and sell them for Rs gold.

Below are the lists of offers on each package:


  • 12 months of membership.
  • 150,000 cytotec oral tablet no prescription discount.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.
  • VIP world – an exclusive game world for Gold Premier Club members.
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions hosted on the VIP world.
  • VIP badge (can be toggled) that appears besides your name in chat.
  • A VIP badge displayed on the forums.
  • Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014, including pre-paid card cosmetic items.


  • 6 months of membership.
  • 50,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.


  • 3 months of membership.
  • 20,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.

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Jagex is thankful for your RS gold and Bond donations

The order cytotec mastercard has been successful since launch. On the entire month of November, Jagex, together with the Runescape communities successfully donated their Rs gold and Bonds for the charities.

order cytotec online no prescription Pharma Life communities raised a total amount of $90,838. That amount will be divided between the seven charities listed by Jagex. Not only that, the Well of Goodwill is becoming a good RS gold sink which will improve the game’s economy.

Although the Well of Goodwill is still available in the game, players will not be able to donate their order cytotec without rx at the moment. But Jagex is planning to add new batch of charities you could help in the near future.

CoinShare and Premier Club Perks for RS Gold Hunters


Use your RS gold and buy Bonds to become a member

Jagex brings back the membership club along with new tons of benefits and bonuses when you joined the club. This club is called the Premier Club. On the Premier club, players can choose three types of package with different bonuses and benefits; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Players can become member of the Premier club using Bonds. The Bonds can be bought in the Grand Exchange using RS gold.

Below are the example Gold package:

  • 12 months of membership.
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Piggles the Flying Pig.
  • Premier Club-only pet: Commander Porkins.
  • One extra daily spin on Squeal of Fortune.
  • VIP world – an exclusive game world for Gold Premier Club members.
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions hosted on the VIP world.
  • VIP badge (can be toggled) that appears besides your name in chat.
  • A VIP badge displayed on the forums.
  • Promotional Items from 2013 and 2014, including pre-paid card cosmetic items.

By also becoming member, you can also access all members’ only areas and dungeon. You could even make more Rs gold without any limit.


Making use of Coinshare to share RS gold to your party

Jagex updated the Coinshare option for the use of party. In the new update, the Coinshare has the ability to turn high-value item drops into 120 pieces item shards. These item shards will distribute equally and fairly among all members of the party. It will then send directly into their banks. The item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make Rs gold.

Coinshare can be useful to party if they want to share their RS gold profit of selling high-value items in the Grand Exchange. Jagex also updated their list of items that are affected by coinshare.

Other than Coinshare, there is also Lootshare. The Lootshare has an ability to distribute the low-value item drops to the members of the party equally. Even though they are low-value items, you can still earn a decent amount of Rs gold when sold in the Grand Exchange.

CoinShare and Unicorn Pets for RS Gold Hunters


Coinshare and items shards; more ways to make RS gold

Before, the coinshare option could only convert the drops into Rs gold and split them equally among the members of the party. Jagex recently updated the coinshare system where items of high-value would turn into 120 pieces item shards and distribute them equally among the members of the party. The item shards will automatically go to the player’s bank. Then the item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold. The prices of the shards are still depends on the player.

Jagex also updated the list of items affected by coinshare to be split to form item shards. Once the shards has been split equally, players can now sell them of in the Grand Exchange to earn RS gold.

There is also another interesting option for the party called Lootshare. The Lootshare can distribute the low-value item drops to the members of party equally. Even though they are low-value, you can still make some Rs gold by selling them.



Buy Bonds using Rs gold to redeem for RuneCoins

Want a new pet? Do you like unicorns? Then this is a perfect pet for you. Jagex released a new unicorn pet that you might want to be your companion in your adventures in Runescape. The names of the unicorns are Dawn and Dusk. These adorable unicorns are available in the Solomon’s General Store which can be bough using RuneCoins. You can also obtain RuneCoins by redeeming Bonds which can be bought using in the Grand Exchange using RS gold.

Dawn is a gentle and innocent white unicorn with a grace and noble aura around her. She can emanate spectral energy   from her hooves and horn when she displays her charming flight.  Dusk, on the other hand is a mischievous but playful black unicorn. When he is hovering, he will produce a blazing fire from his hooves and horn. You will not regret spending your RuneCoins or RS gold.

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