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Old School Runescape, OSRS, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, RS 2007 Gold

Are you in a rare situation of having a girlfriend interested in playing with you? Yes, that every gamer boy dreams of having a significant other that doesn’t hate that you play games and is actually enticed to play the game with you. Because you know, it is a nice common interest for lovers and gaming is never a bad thing. Well, if you are and you are playing Old School Runescape, then you are in the right post. I am about to share with you some OSRS players’ suggestions on what to do in the game if you are searching for something to do with your girlfriend together. One could be farming OSRS Gold together but that’s not really something exciting or not the only thing to do in Old School Runescape. Continue to learn what people suggested for you loverbirds out there!

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OSRS Gold: Activities For Couples

Reddit is a very nice place and it is the best place to look for activities for couples in OSRS. I was right, there is a thread or a post tackling on the topic and here are some of the answers:

raids is fun in duos, theres slayer partners but its pretty shit and pointless tbh

-He is right but raids in duos do not give out that much exp plus the fact that there is no bonus exp. Apparently, there are no rewards either. If you and your partner is up for killing monsters together, then raid duo is for you.

Duo demonic gorillas can be fun.

the entire game is coop pretty much… especially bossing etc, coop is pretty much perfect to play the game, that’s why so many people multi log 2 accs to boss now.

-This one pretty much hits the spot. Old School Runescape is an MMORPG. Obviously, it is better to be played by two or more players together. So yeah, coop the heck out of everything in the game!

You can combine your buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec together to dominate the economy also! That’s a big dream for a couple right?

Well, hopefully you’re one of the lucky OSRS boys out there that plays the game with your significant other and share a common interest and build a stronger relationship because of that.

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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold

It is really disheartening to see what’s going on in Old School Runescape recently. Majority of the recent posts in the OSRS or 2007scape Sub-Reddit are about OSRS accounts getting hacked. Well, they are assumed compromised because the owners don’t really know what happened to their accounts. Changes were made to their username or password, OSRS Gold missing, banned from the game are some of the things complained to Jagex. Sadly, Jagex cannot deal with them all at once because again, these types of unfortunate events are becoming all too common. It is really sad.

OSRS Gold: Recent Example

I usually spend time in the OSRS Sub-Reddit to see how the community is and I happened to see this post by tyguy955:

So I logged onto osrs after work and within 20 seconds got a disconnect. After many attempts to log back in (saying wrong username and password) I decided to try changing my password. I was still having trouble logging in then my friend asked if I changed my name and sent me this:

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For some reason my username had been changed. Also, I noticed the recovery emails didn’t even have my username, they said “hello character name unavailable” (picture) :

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I then tried logging into the runescape website to see if maybe I had been reported for an inappropriate username and had to change it (username was wtf955) and I was greeted by this after attempting to login:

buy cytotec online with no prescription

I am also no longer on the high score list. I am positive my account has not been banned, or else it would say so when I attempt to log in, and I would still be able to log into the website (plus I’ve broken no rules) it is as if my account was deleted immedietly after I was disconnected

I’ve submitted tickets and twitter to a jmod but haven’t heard back yet. If anyone can help me out or knows what’s going in I’d very much appreciate your assistance. Thank you

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Sure, it looks like he didn’t do some of the account security provided by Jagex but thinking of all the time and hard work spent in his account, it is really frustrating. Yes, anyone can claim that said account was compromised, even the hacker himself but what if he tyguy955 is the real account owner? What if all the buy cytotec with no prescription in that account was farmed by him? This kind of news doesn’t really generate anything but bad ones. Hopefully, Jagex has made a solution to at least lessen these problems soon or the downfall of the game will be sooner than we think.

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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

So is it worth it to play OSRS? This is definitely something to tackle on. Opinions of Old School Runescape players may vary on this. Some might have fun while playing the game but at the end, they can say it is not worth it. Some may say that the game is not for them because of multiple reasons. Some may say that the game is super awesome because they love farming like grinding for OSRS gold, for example. This topic should garner different opinions and we will discuss on some.

OSRS Gold: Their Opinions

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I was browsing the OSRS Subreddit and came upon the topic. Fortunately, there are some people who commented on the topic and gave diverse opinions. Here are some:

It’s worth it when the servers aren’t getting anally raped like they are right now.

This is true. It is really frustrating for players when OSRS servers are not working as intended. With the recent DDoS attacks on Jagex, this comment is pretty much spot on. When the servers are going smoothly though, Old School Runescape is undeniably great.

Ya, lots of fun

Like this second comment. OSRS is sure fun and more if you have lots of buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec.

nah m8 super waste of life fam, OSRS is worth playing like meth is worth trying.

I can’t fully disagree with this comment though. This guy has a reason for not liking Old School Runescape and how I wish he mentioned it in his comment as well. The reason, that is. Some clever (not really) simile on OSRS being not worth playing won’t just cut it.

Just started a few days ago. It’s pretty damn good.

This one too. I agree, that Old School Runescape is fun but for the sake of discussion and for the people asking the same question, including the reason why the game is damn good would’ve been appreciated.

How about you? What do you like or hate about Old School Runescape? Is it worth playing? Share your insights in the comments section below!


OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

We know Old School Runescape servers are bad. Well, not really bad in my opinion. It is just very vulnerable to DDoS attacks. If you don’t know the meaning of DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service, it is when the server or servers of a game like Old School Runescape is bombarded with malicious data and cause the servers to explode thus making all players trying to connect unable to. So yeah, that is really bad. You will be unable to connect to OSRS or it will be really laggy in the game. Noone likes that. If only I can use my OSRS Gold to help fix the servers, I would.

OSRS Gold: Trying VPN

If you’re experiencing a bad connection with the Old School Runescape servers, you might think it is on your end and search for ways to fix it. Like this guy inquiring in the OSRS Subreddit:


So i dont really know whats been going on with osrs lately but for about two days i couldnt even open the application but now when i log in its laggy consistently. Ive heard people saying I need a VPN but ive never had one. I have also heard its risky using a VPN and that osrs bans accounts at times? Any suggestion of what i can do?


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There are numerous reasons when you’re experiencing such unfortunate times but resorting to VPN can cause you more headaches along the way. Jagex is very particular on players cheating or trying to go around the rules and using a VPN may cause Jagex to identify you as cheating, so don’t. It is pretty ironic that they have such identifications but cannot secure the stability of the servers. Yes I know that it is not easy to block DDoS attacks but it is still a funny irony. So guys, make sure first that the poor connection is not on your end and do not use VPN. Your buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec might be a waste if your account gets banned for life.

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OSRS, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape, Old School Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold

We often see players in different forums complain to gaming companies just about anything. Whether they often get disconnected or they think that the game sucks for whatever reason, point is, they don’t fail to complain. This happens so regularly that you’d think it is the fault of the company behind those MMORPGs. Little do we know, the entire ruckuses caused by these rants are just isolated cases. They might be many but truth is, they are just isolated cases. The noisy minority. For example, OSRS players complain that they are having problems with hackers getting their OSRS gold. These are true for only a handful of people or less but they attract so much fear and attention, it looks like a big problem.

OSRS Gold: Like This One

Looking in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit for the said topic, I came to this post of Kreddy97. I knew that there a lot of players who have been experiencing bad connection with the game but Kreddy97’s post is a testament that these are isolated cases only. Here’s his post:

I laugh at every meme, but then I feel bad for those affected by the servers, but I have not DC’d once on osrs. I live in east coast of US and play on US worlds using OSBuddy. So just wondering, are the people that are mainly DC’ing from different countries and/or using worlds from servers outside of their location (i.e. Germans using US servers or US players using German servers). Also I am very glad that OS team is looking into it, knowing how expensive and difficult it is to upgrade and maintain servers for a nearly global game.

how to get cytotec online no prescription in 200 days

I know it is kind of frustrating to not play the game normally or not play at all because of connection related issues but people have to realize that this is not true for everyone. There are a lot of people as well that can play and farm their buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec with great connection. This means that this is not on Jagex’s servers. If so, again, these are isolated cases. Let us just all be glad that Jagex are still listening to these isolated cases.

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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape, OSRS, Old School Runescape Gold

Wouldn’t it be nice if Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape support each other? Yeah, I think the tension between the two MMORPGs will disappear once they help each other out. What am I talking about? Well, one example I can suggest is OSRS Gold can be converted to Runescape 3 and vice versa. Yes it could entail inflation in the economy of either games or maybe otherwise. In my opinion, this will encourage players for both games to entertain the other game they are not playing. I could be wrong though. Still, the purpose is to make a bond between the two games. After all, they are complete different games.

OSRS Gold: Tension

Some people started their Runescape adventure in Runescape 3. Some do hear news that Old School Runescape is better than Runescape 3 while playing RS3. Sad to say, those who gets curious on OSRS, subscribed already in RS3. They have no choice but to subscribe again in OSRS if they want the full experience of Old School Runescape. Knowing that they cannot use the very same subscribed account in RS3 to OSRS, this will more likely deter them from trying out OSRS. Like this guy in OSRS Sub-Reddit who asked if he can use his RS3 subscribed account in OSRS. Here is the original post:

I have an account I made back in 2004 but fucking RS3 is absolute gash. Can I play with that account on osrs with membership?

cytotec in Canada

Sad that he can’t. This is why I am wondering if they will change this and make the dream come true. Subscribe to one account then reward the player to play the two games as a subscriber. Being a subscriber to both, that player can trade buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec to Runescape 3 and vice versa. That would be awesome and will attract more players to subscribe!

What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape, OSRS, Old School Runescape Gold

I love how Old School Runescape and its player community really support each other on how to improve the game and players’ experience. Yes, there are those people who just exude negative vibe all the time but they aren’t appreciate here. Going back, as support to the ever growing OSRS player community, here we are again sharing another dilemma that you might want to help out with. Whether it be about OSRS Gold and how to make them really fast or about how you are experiencing bad connection with the game, we will try to get everyone’s feedbacks and solutions because we are one community.

OSRS Gold: The Problem

Here is Shockkk69’s post in the OSRS Sub-Reddit and how he is having a difficulty playing the game because of something he can’t control:

Recently my OSRS client started to develop some sort of choppy laggy sort of thing. I turned on OSBuddy’s client performance feature just to see 50 fps, but it feels choppier than before. To describe it, I notice XP drops seem to studded when moving up my screen and it didn’t do that before. Runeloader seems to run fine, OSRS default client has the same problem. I have an i5-3570 and I think it should be capable of running OSRS smoothly. Would more RAM fix the issue or should I get a new CPU completely? High priority doesn’t seem to fix the issue too well either. Under task manager OSBuddy never goes above 50% CPU usage. OSBuddy OpenGL mode runes perfectly but it’s too buggy to use currently. So yeah, choppy gameplay studdering XP drops no delay or real lag in game.

Any ideas?

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Someone actually replied that this is definitely Jagex’s side and they recognize it. Actually, I experience the same thing and this impeded my order cytotec online overnight shipping farming. There is no solution but to wait for Jagex to fix this.

Any concern you might want to share or provide solution to Shockkkk69’s problem? Feel free to post in the comments section below!

ordering cytotec online

OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

With the advancement of technology in this day and age, it is still rare to find MMORPGs in consoles. I find this quite surprising since the platform is there and already proven that MMO’s can be played in consoles. I just thought of the idea of that gaming companies should take advantage of, in my opinion, market potential of console users and attract them to play an MMORPG with their consoles. Yes, there’s FFXIV, ESO and other present massive multiplayer online games already but they are just a handful or so. Why not make more of these game genre in consoles? Maybe OSRS for console? Hey, I don’t mind farming OSRS gold with a wireless controller while laying down on my bed. Man, that would be amazing.

OSRS Gold: Interesting Post

I searched the vast internet if there is someone like me who thinks that gaming companies should pursue creating more MMORPGs for the consoles. Fortunately, I did and here was his post:

I play OSRS and haven’t ever really played any other MMO’s, but i have played a lot of halo on the x box. I was wondering the other day why this doesn’t exist.

I know something like mine craft is compatible, but imagine an MMO with experience grinding tasks and lvl reqs AND a high skill cap of game play for bossing and p2p.

never heard of this existing and was thinking that it was probably because of a business stand point/ the amount of people the company would be able to reach.

And i’m not talking about something like destiny which is third and first person—-maybe like a mix between h1z1 and WOW.

Pay COD for misoprostol without prescription

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Consoles are great mediums for MMORPGs and maybe one company can utilize it to its full potential. As in make this perfect MMORPG for the console and maybe beat WoW. Who knows right? What I really wish for is that OSRS can be played in console. Old School Runescape Gold can be farmed with a breeze I assume since I can play while lying down in my bed.

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OSRS, Old School Runescape, OSRS Gold, Old School Runescape Gold, Jagex

Old School Runescape is an amazing game. We all know that. There is no reason to stop playing this awesome game. Well, not really. This thing called real life will sooner or later give an OSRS player a reason to stop playing, even if just for a short period of time. That is the reality of it. Do not worry though. If one loves the game so much, he will go back to playing Old School Runescape the very moment he is free from the responsibilities of real life. Who would miss a day of farming OSRS Gold right? No sane man would.

OSRS Gold: Sad To Say

You would think that your OSRS account is safe if you need to take a break from Old School Runescape. Yes Jagex made a lot of protection that you can set yourself but if a hacker wants to hack an account, he will. When a hacker hacks your account while you’re on a break from OSRS and report the malicious activities of the hacker in your account that merited the ban of your account, Jagex won’t allow you to petition on taking the ban off of it. Like this guy’s situation:

So for some odd reason my osrs account that i haven’t logged onto for about 3 months was suspected of real life trading? i got an email and everything about it but i have no idea what their talking about. How can i contact customer support and get this fixed?

cytotec online no prescription and overnight

What if the guy is telling the truth? What if he really stopped playing for three months and within those three months he was away, the malicious activity happened? The point is, there is a way to prove who’s telling the truth. Don’t go crazy with the ban hammer, Jagex. Hopefully this guy gets heard on his side of the case and maybe Jagex considers it. All buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec will be put to waste if the account is permanently banned.

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