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There are a multitude of ways to earn your cheap RS gold for your RS gold hunter. Some of these methods are quite invested and will require you to buy RS gold. However, there are also easy ways to get gold4rs with minimal effort. Getting them from Honeycombs is one such method.

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Make more

To get cheap Runescape gold using this method the only thing you will need is Insect Repellent. This can be bought for 121 coins so you won’t need to buy Runescape gold. Aside from this, the only other thing you will need for this method is to have access to the beehives located in Catherby. This makes this method incredibly useful for new players. Depending on how fast you can click you can earn up to 695,000 coins per hour.


As mentioned above, you will need to have Insect Repellant for this money making method. The item is needed if you want to get close and extract Honeycombs from the beehives in Catherby. While you can buy repellent from the buy genuine cytotec in the u.s., you can save your coins by looting it for free. Simply head to a house in the north of the bank in Catherby. The item should be on a small table free for anyone to take. Alternatively you can get one from the Bee keeper.

Once you the Insect Repellent, head to the apiary to the west of Catherby where the beehives are located. Use the repellent to get the bees out of the hives. Next, use a bucket and harvest the Honeycombs. Once your inventory is full, head to the bank and deposit them. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

How to get more

buy cytotec without a prescription sell for 556 coins on the Grand Exchange and are used to create Honey Badger Pouches. Unfortunately there is no way to get more of the item per harvest, however you can increase the amount you earn per hour. Simply bring a beast of burden to store the Honeycombs in, to get more gold per trip to the beehives.

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Wine of Zamorak

There are a lot of items RSgold hunters can sell to earn cheap RS gold. One such item is the Wine of Zamorak. Today’s guide will show you how to get gold4rs from this item. Be sure to buy RS gold first so you can clear all the requirements for this method.

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Earning Gold

To get cheap Runescape gold using this technique, your character will need to have Magic at level 33. It is recommended to have it at 37 or higher however. You will also need to have Law Runes and Water Runes to cast the Telekinetic Grab spell. A Staff of Air is required for this to save on Air Runes. Lastly, you will need to have access to the Capture Temple. If you do not have any of the above requirements, it is advisable to buy Runescape gold so you will be able to get them.

How earn from wine

The Wine of Zamorak item is a respawning item located on a table in the Captured Temple. There are Monks of Zamorak guarding the temple who will attack those who get too close to the wine. As such, to get the wine without incurring the wrath of the monks, you will need to use the Telekinetic Grab spell.

There are several ways to get to the temple, the most common of which is to head to Falador’s west bank. From there, head north until you reach the temple. After you have filled your inventory head back to the bank and store them. Note that wine respawns every 25 seconds on populated worlds. The wine is often bought on the buy misoprostol australia Grand Exchange as it is used in creating Super Ranging Potions.

Making more

You can earn up to 5,752 coins per bottle of the buy misoprostol cheap without perscription. Unfortunately, there is no way to get more, and there are a myriad of ways to get even fewer bottles. First and foremost, you may end up competing with other players in getting a bottle. As such, it is recommended that you hop worlds until you find one where no other players are looting the bottle. Getting to and from the Captured Temple can also help increase your hourly profits.

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Adopt a Big Cat

Playing games may be fun, but sometimes people assume it is pointless fun. RSgold hunters have a chance to prove naysayers wrong however. Jagex is teaming up with the World Wildlife Fund for a fun charity event. Take a break from hunting cheap RS gold for your gold4RS and see how you can help animals. You’ll get ferocious felines and you won’t even need to buy RS gold.

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Quizzing on felines

Starting July 20, and lasting four weeks, players can answer a special quiz in the Big Cats Edition of the Drop. While this will not give you cheap Runescape gold, it wll give you nifty rewards that we will covered later. To take the quiz, head over to Burthorpe and speak with the Conservationist NPC. Note that the quiz starts twice every hour. The first at the stroke of the hour, and the second at 30 minutes in. Answering correctly in the quiz will earn you points that can be traded for rewards. Note that even if you buy Runescape gold, you cannot buy these points.

Bonds and donations

Aside from the quiz, the can i get cytotec without a prescription? will also accept donations in the form of Bonds. From July 20 to August 17, each time a Bond is donated, Jagex will donate at least £2.85 to the World Wildlife Fund. Donating however, isn’t just for feeling good for helping animals. Donators will be allowed to adopt more companions for the event. They will also get a Big Cats Gift for each Bond they donate. The gift contains seven Treasure Hunter Keys.

Pets and titles for Runescape gold hunters

Donating Bonds, or earning points through the Big Cats Quiz will allow you to adopt cute feline cubs. Simply speak to the Conservationist and open the Sanctuary interface to get your companions. Those who participated in the quiz can get a Jaguar Cub or Tiger Cub companion for nine points each. While those who donate a Bond can get a Lion Cub. If you donate five Bonds during the event period, you can get a Snow Leopard Cub. Titles can also be unlocked using points. For a full list of rewards you can get, check the can i get cytotec without rx.

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New Runescape Raids

After a very long wait, raids have come to Runescape. RSgold hunters can now get cheap RS gold alongside others looking for gold4rs. Get ready to buy RS gold as you’ll be needed a lot of items and equipment when you take on the Liberation of Mazcab raid.

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Getting Rewards

With the fall of Tuska, a portal to Mazcab has appeared. Through it players can explore the home of the goebies and get cheap Runescape gold. Through it, you will also join other players in the game’s first ever raid, the Liberation of Mazcab. You will need to buy Runescape gold as the challenge that awaits you in the raid are tougher than usual. In fact, you will need help from your fellow players to take it on.

Entry into the raid requires a group of up to ten players. This can be done through the Grouping System. Once your group is complete, select the Liberation of Mazcab and prepare to protect goebies.

Drops from bosses

The cytotec raid has two bosses available, Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru. The former only appears once you have started freeing the goebie in the middle of the arena. At first, only Chargers, Airuts and Durzag’s pet appear. After defeating these mobs the boss will finally appear. The second boss of the Liberation of Mazcab raid is Yakamaru. Note that this boss will only appear once you have defeated Beastmaster Durzag. It will spawn Jellyfish adds as well as copies of itself.

Note that players can perform Raid Feats when fighting these bosses. These are special conditions that if met will unlock special titles for players. Specifically, players can get the Daredevil title through these.


Aside from getting loot and drops from the bosses in the raid, players will also get Teci upon completing a raid. This is the currency of Raids and can be exchanged for cytotec with no prescription. Teci can be exchanged with the Armoursmith located near the entrance of the Pit of Trials in the new area. Items you can buy include the armor dropped by the bosses as well as tradable skills.

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Fungal Magi

One sure fire way to have fun and still get cheap RS gold for your RSgold hunter is to hunt mobs. Not all mobs will do however, unless you want to buy RS gold instead, you’ll have to select your source of gold4rs properly. For today’s guide we will look at hunting Fungal Magi for items and gold.

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Earn more

While this method for getting cheap Runescape gold is pretty straightforward, you will still need a few things before you can use it safely. For starters, it is recommended to have a Magic level of 77 to be able to cast spells to use against the Fungal Magi. Having Defense at 70 is also advisable to survive this monster’s attacks. A Polypore Staff is also highly recommended when hunting Fungal Magi. Alternatively, an Armadyl Battlestaff can be used. In either case, you may need to buy Runescape gold to have the funds to purchase the staff. Other than these, being able to access the Polypore Dungeon is the only true requirement.

Killing mobs

To make a profit using this method, you will need to be able to kill Fungal Mages quickly. These level 81 mobs can be found in the Polypore Dungeon, from the first to third floor. They also have 2,900 health and have resistances to normal attacks like most mobs. As such, the best way to damage them is to use magic. They are weak to air spells hence the recommendation to use an Armadyl Staff which negates the need for air runes. Upon death, Fungal Mages have a chance to drop Potato Cactus, Limpwurt Roots, Snape Grass, Pure Essences and other items. These can sell for quite a lot on the buy misoprostol australia Grand Exchange.

Earning more, much more

The best way to earn more from this method is, as pointed out, to kill the mobs faster. Having higher Magic and Defense levels makes killing faster and reduces downtime. Having more space for the dropped items is also key. A how to get cytotec online no prescription in 200 days can also help greatly as it increases the drop rate of certain items.

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Elder Logs

One of the easiest way to get cheap RS gold is to cut trees into logs. Did you know however that this basic technique can be used to earn even more RSgold. You will need to buy RS gold for it, but the gold4rs you will get is a lot more than usual. We’ll show you how to make a profit from Elder Logs.

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Putting in

For this technique to get cheap Runescape gold your character will need to have the Woodcutting skill at level 90. It is also highly recommended that you have a very good quality hatchet. Make sure to get either a Dragon Hatchet or a Crystal Hatchet. You may need to buy Runescape gold to pay for this however. Aside from these requirements, you simply need to locate three elder tree locations. The reason for this will be explained below.


Once you meet all the requirement head to an Elder Tree and cut it down. Afterwards, head to your second Elder Tree and cut it down too. Afterwards head to a bank and deposit your logs. Next, move to your third tree and cut it down. Bank the logs again and go back to the first tree to repeat the process. When you want to get your gold, simply sell the Elder Logs on the buy misoprostol australia Grand Exchange.

Multiple trees are needed for this technique because Elder Trees take up to five minutes to chop down. Additionally, it takes them 10 minutes to respawn. Note that three trees is the minimum for you to always have a tree available for chopping. If you have access to more trees it is alright to chop them down too.

Making more

cytotec online cheap sell for 4,093 coins a piece. While the price cannot be easily affected by one player, what you can do to get more profit is to get more logs in a shorter amount of time. As such, having a Beaver summon can help thanks to its +2 boost to Woodcutting. The same amount of boost can be obtained from a God Banner. A Lumberjack Aura also helps as it increases the chances of actually getting logs.

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Adamant and Rune Dragons

RSgold hunters can get items and cheap RS gold from new dragons being added to the game. Adamant and Rune Dragons have been added to Runescape to challenge even those who buy RS gold. Today’s guide will take a quick look at the magnificent beasts and how to get gold4rs from them.

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Finding dragons

Powerful foes often yield a lot of items and cheap Runescape gold. The new Adamant and Rune Dragons are no exception. Players both those who buy Runescape gold and those who get their RS gold the hard way can find the dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon and Mount Firewake. To be more precise, the former is where Adamant Dragons can be found while the latter is home to Rune Dragons. Additionally, Adamant Dragons will be behind magical barriers that require higher levels of Slayer before they can be accessed.

Fighting dragons

To face the dragons, RS gold hunters will need to get a slayer assignment from a slayer master. Assignments for Adamant Dragons are given out by Kuradal and Morvran. Rune Dragons however are only assigned by Morvran. Before you head out and fight them however, make sure that you have anti-dragon gear. Pick up dragonbane ammo to use in the fight, otherwise, you will not be able to deal any damage to these creatures. That is, until you have broken through their armour plating.

Another thing to consider is that the order cytotec online overnight shipping will be able to fly. Players will have to contend with a flight phase rendering melee attacks useless. There is also an enrage phase where Rune Dragons will become more powerful. Lastly, there is a chance that an elite version of the Rune Dragon will spawn after killing a normal Rune Dragon. Elites offer better loot, but are much more powerful.

Gold and items

Defeating Rune Dragons will give players a chance to loot items that will upgrade their gear. They can make level 90 power boots if they have steadfast, glaiven or ragefire boots. Additionally, Elite Rune Dragons have a chance to drop the order generic cytotec online no prescription that increases damage against metallic dragons. Other drops include Kethsi Scrolls, pages of the journal of Dactyl Dragonkin.

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unfinished potion

Unfinished potions are easy to make, however many players prefer to just simply buy them. After all, crafting them takes time and doesn’t yield much experience. As such, they are a very easy way to get cheap RS gold for RSgold hunters. Today’s guide will look at making Avantoe potion (unf). Buy RS gold to prepare for this unfinished potion making guide.

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For this guide, you will need to buy Runescape gold. The cheap Runescape gold will be used to get your Herblore and Dungeoneering skills to level 49. This gold will also be used to help acquire a Scroll of Cleansing. While the latter requires 20,000 tokens from Dungeoneering, getting the tokens will go smoother if you have supplies bought with gold.

Aside from the requirements above, your character will also need Clean Avantoe and Vials of Water. These are required to actually make the potions. There is no need to go to a special location, but it is recommended to be near a bank or the Grand Exchange. This is so you can sell or store your potions quickly.


Players often use Avantoe Potion (unf) to make Super energy. However, many do not want to create the potions as it is too mundane. Instead they opt to simply buy the unfinished potions in the buy misoprostol australia Grand Exchange for 4,699 coins.

Making the potions is fairly simple. Just carry a Clean Avantoe and a Vial of Water in your inventory. Next use one on the other and you’ll have created an Avantor Potion (unf). You can then store this in the bank or sell it.


A Scroll of Cleansing is important to this method as it allows players to create cytotec without prescription in batches. It also has a 10% of making the potion without consuming the Avantoe. That means 1 out of 10 potions you create will be made for free. Another way to get freebies while crafting is to use Portable wells.  This gives you a 5% of crafting an extra unfinished potion without using materials.

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The great devourer of worlds cytotec order on line is headed for Gielnor. It us up to brave RSgold hunters to defeat the great beast to save the world. Of course this feat is no easy task and gold4rs hunters must band together to achieve it. Rewards are also in store for the brave heroes who will set out to fight.

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Getting to join

The Tuska world event is open to all players. This means even if you buy RS gold or farm cheap RS gold the hard way, you can still join. To do just that, simply log in and access the new lodestone teleport. This will be unlocked for all players. You will then be teleported to the goddess’ back. From there, you must speak to one of the four factions present and join them in stopping the threat. The factions to choose from are the Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak and the Godless. After that, it’s time to face Tuska.

Diving energy

A being as huge as Tuska cannot be harmed by any conventional weapon bought using cheap Runescape gold. You can buy Runescape gold all you want, but it won’t matter much to this creature. To truly defeat her, players need a Mighty God Spear charged with divine energy.

Every hour, players can talk with Wizard Chambers to venture onto Tuska’s back. Whether in a group or solo, players will then traverse four islands. These are the remains of the worlds Tuska has consumed. On them, players will need to fight or use skills to complete challenges. The latter will give off divine energy that will charge your god spear. You will need to get at least 10% charge on your god spear by the time you reach Tuska’s head to unleash your attack.

Items and other rewards

Completing the challenges and striking a blow to Tuska will reward players with points. These can then be used to get rewards. Simply talk to the representatives of the factions to turn in your points. Items available for purchase include World Eater armor, the cytotec ordered without a perscription skill, Cosmetic Overrides and more. You can even get XP lamps and gear from previous events.

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