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First off, please go easy on me should I mention anything that’s off or inaccurate in this article, keep in mind that this is written by a beginner. So apparently, if I got this right, there are two kinds of Runescape games out there – one is the contemporary and updated one, and the other is the “Old school” one that came out back in 2007. I looked into the old school one by watching some videos on Youtube, and learned that the economy of the old school Runescape game is so far really good and ideal for profit-making – and in real life at that.


Turn your OSRS gold into a fortune

From what I can tell, there are opportunistic players who farm gold in game, and then buy precious in-game items and resources with the gold, after which they sell these items for real life money. Sounds simple enough, and they actually make tons of money with this cytotec overnight without prescription business racket. I’m talking thousands of dollars. Sweet stuff. Plus, there’s a way to buy OSRS gold somewhere in there (or out there) – I just don’t know the details yet. So yeah, there’s more than one way to acquire in-game gold, if you’re lucky you might even get sweet deals for cheap OSRS gold. Just do your research, and be resourceful! Get to know the ins and outs of the game and the racket. That sort of stuff.


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Stuff you can buy in-game using OSRS gold

In the video I saw on Youtube, the guy was trading his coins in exchange for certain precious resources in the game like yew logs, maple seeds, palm tree seeds, papaya tree seeds, pineapple seeds, apple tree seeds, curry tree seeds, orange tree seeds, calquat tree seeds, acorn, banana tree seeds, and more. Talk about “farming” in-game and in real life at the same time. There’s no shortage of resources in-game that you can exploit. No wonder a lot of players still play this old game even though the graphics are outdated – they turn it into a money-making machine! I’ll play this game definitely to check it out, and who knows, maybe I’ll even try my hand at the whole racketing thing and make some few bucks and maybe a living.

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