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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

One thing that can entice people more to play an MMORPG is the response time of support or the level of excellence the support team of a certain MMORPG. Well, at least for me. You will think of this if you know that there is no perfect game and those unexpected bugs and hacking happen quite often. I should know because it happened to me in my long experience in playing online games. Whether it is related to OSRS gold cheats or even worse, account hacking, the support team for OSRS should perform better. Unlike on this story I would like share.

OSRS Gold Story Shared

So I bumped on this post in Reddit about a player having a difficult time moving on because of his old account getting hacked and OSRS support can’t do anything about it.

So back at the start of OSRS being released i was hard into it you know, i hadn’t go to far just enough to start making and alching battlestaffs.

anyway i eventually got hacked and i think they used a speech bot im not to sure this is honestly ages ago. at the time i tried appealing which i learnt does not work anymore(fuck you) emailing and i just gave up, i lost all faith.

anyway now ive made a new acc and shit but i still wouldn’t mind my old acc back for nostalgia since at least on rs3 i have all my old stuff.

but i thought i would try since before i got banned i should have been accesed from an ip that was nowhere near mine which should be in NZ which is about the only proof i have.

but anyway im shit scared of jagex random banning now since theres no way to appeal maybe i whont be scared if this works.if not who cares i guess i tried.

account name was jamie6103

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There has to be a way to figure this out but OSRS support can’t ensure any help on the player. Does he have to buy genuine cytotec in the u.s. or anything to be helped out? This is really frustrating and I have to say, a pretty big deterrent on me and I assume on many more players out there in playing Old School Runescape. Best of luck to this guy and hope this reaches the OSRS support.

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OSRS Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, OSRS, Old School Runescape

“Jagex is not doing a good job with Old School Runescape!” – Ever heard or read this reaction from somewhere? Oh I bet you all my OSRS Gold that you have! Really, this is something that should stop. Any game would fail at some point to satisfy their players but those players should understand that not all demands will be met. The constant balancing of the game and continuous tweaking are priority before actually taking into account the comments from players.

OSRS Gold Post

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I found this post about Jagex actually did a good job on removing from the game since it was quite overpowered. Actually, being a fairly new player, I didn’t know that summoning was a part of the game. Yes, WAS. Here’s the post:

So I’ve been asking around after coming back why summoning isn’t in old school runescape but things newer than that are. I loved summoning when it first came out but it seems most people have the opinion that ruined the game by adding more elements to pvp that people didn’t want to deal with, which is a shame for people like me that genuinely loved the extra stuff that came with summoning like beasts of burden. Snice I doubt that 75 percent of OSRS users will ever vote to bring back summoning, I was thinking of how you guys think about this compromise: bring back summoning but contain it to certain worlds, like Deadman mode and such. That way people that want summoning in their world can join servers where summoning is enabled and the skill won’t affect the regular game.

Tl;Dr bring back summoning but only enable for designated worlds.

So I’m wondering, did Jagex get praise for removing the summoning skill because of how it affected the game? I hope they did but I really doubt people still mad at them for doing a good job. I really think Jagex is doing a fine job moderating and taking control as they should. It is just people who cry a lot about this and that. Go buy genuine cytotec in the u.s. or something and stop ranting people!

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