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IMG Source: Zybez

This week, Jagex released new armour that looks like alien wearing armour like that movie called “Predator”. It is called cytotec buy cheap. This alien-like armour increases the Ranger stat and abilities and at the same time increased the defense stat of a player. It is made of buy genuine cytotec in the u.s. which drop from monsters in the Monestary of Ascension. Because of the scales, you can make more RS gold by collecting the materials needed to craft the Sirenic Armour.

FREE players can have a chance to wear it by becoming a MEMBER. By buying the BONDS in the Grand Exchange with RS gold, they can use it to become MEMBER in several days. It is enough to experience wearing this powerful armour.


Start mining to make more RS gold

Mining the Rune Essence is potentially good for making more RS gold. The Rune Essence is a type of raw materials that is used in Runecrafting which can be crafted to make runes such as air, fire, earth, water, mind, and body runes. Rune Essence in Grand Exchange is always in demand which can be good for RS gold sell.


IMG Source: Wikia

There are tons of ways to mine the Rune Essence but for FREE players; the best place to mine this item is in Aubury. Banking in the Varrock east bank is also a good place to store the rune essence. In order to get to the Aubury, players need to use the Aubury’s Rune Shop to be able to teleport you. Once you’re arrived, start mining the rune essence. Be sure to store them and mine another batch. Once you have a lot of rune essence, start selling them in Grand Exchange to make cytotec overnight without prescription.