Treasure Hunter: Novtumber Festival for RS Gold Hunters

Treasure Hunter is a playable mini game within Runescape where players use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear, which you can either keep for yourself or sell for a generous amount of RS gold. Find out more about the Novtumber Festival, a Treasure Hunter event, in this article!

rs gold novtumber

Novtumber Festival for RS Gold Hunters

Everyone with green thumbs – come celebrate! It’s time to celebrate the natural glory of Gielinor this weekend with the Novtumber Festival on Treasure Hunter, Runescape gold hunters! From 00:00 UTC on 19th November until 23:59 UTC on 23rd November, Novtumber Festival seeds will be available in Treasure Hunter chests, a godsend for those looking to train Farming and Prayer.

Novtumber Festival Seeds for RS Gold Hunters

Unlike regular seeds, you don’t need a patch as the Novtumber Festival seeds will grow anywhere that you can make a fire. Plant them and watch as they quickly sprout to maturity. Once they have matured, you have to options:

  • Pick the produce and offer it up for Prayer XP. As a result, you may get ‘perfect’ produce from time to time, which yields more XP for your character.
  • Forgo the produce for Farming XP and the chance to get back some of your seeds

Note that you’ve got a limited time to harvest them before they decay, giving only token XP. So remember, don’t plant too many at once to avoid any waste!

Magic Beans and More for RS Gold Hunters

In addition to the Harvest Festival seeds, magic beans are returning, and can be obtained as you gain Farming XP from lamps, or from farming itself. These can be exchanged with Martin the Master for seeds and a cosmetic hoe. Additionally, pieces of the Farmer’s outfit and First Age Prayer outfit will be available on Treasure Hunter, and all lamps and stars used on Farming or Prayer will yield +25% XP. You can also sell these event-exclusive finds for rsgold if you don’t want to use them for yourself, so either way, you benefit from participating in this event.

If you’d like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking ‘Buy Keys’ within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game, with cheap Runescape gold.

What are you waiting for, gold4rs fans? Let’s start treasure hunting!


Generating Runescape Gold Profit from Crafting

In Runescape, crafting posits a myriad of possibilities, not only in creating a few handy items, but also for item customization. It is one of the most fun features in any RPG game, because it allows the player to create and customize their weapons and armor and specify the stats that come with them according to their character’s needs. Here’s how you can generate profit from crafting for more Runescape gold.

runescape gold crafting profit

Crafting for more Runescape Gold – Overview

Crafting is a skill that allows players to create items such as jewelry, pottery, and armor for your personal use, or for trading and earning RSgold. The Crafting Guild is located north-west of Rimmington and can be entered at level 40 Crafting while wearing a brown apron. One method to generate more RS gold is through crafting. In order to craft certain items, there are a few basic items that you will need to gather. If you’re too lazy to farm resources, you can always opt for cheap Runescape gold. Otherwise, read below for a few tips and tricks for crafting materials.

Crafting for more Runescape Gold – Spinning

Spinning is the process of turning raw materials such as wool into a ball of wool, or flax into bow strings, through the spinning wheel. You can find a convenient and popular spinning wheel below the bank in Lumbridge Castle. The items you can make from spinning are ball of wool with wool, bowstring with flax, crossbow string from sinew and roots, magic string from magic roots, and rope from yak hair. Spinning doesn’t earn you much, but is relatively easy to farm if you don’t want to buy Runescape gold.

Crafting for more Runescape Gold – Leather Crafting

To begin leather crafting, you will need to have a needle and thread, which you can purchase from the Al Kharid or the Rimmington craft shop, and then some cowhide tanned into leather. In the free to play world, this means visiting the tanner in Al Kharid until you are able to enter the guild. Tanning costs 1 GP per ordinary leather, 3 coins for hard leather, and 20 coins for Dragonhide. There are also a more expensive tannery available to members in Canifis. The cattle field east of Lumbridge is a convenient spot for leather crafters as it is easy to get to, though it is normally populated. Another convenient location to farm cowhide is to the west of the Crafting Guild, where therer are many more cows together in a smaller place, which allows faster kills. For members, there is a field of cows north of Ardougne and west of the Legends’ Guild, close to a bank and very rarely populated by other Runescape gold enthusiasts. You can earn a lot of RS gold from leather crafting, so this is most likely the best choice for non-member players who want to rush gold4rs.

Crafting for more Runescape Gold – Pottery

Pottery is the art of molding soft clay into various objects through the pottery wheel, followed by using the shaped clay with a pottery oven. Soft clay is obtained from mining clay, then using it with an object containing water, such as a bucket of water or a jug of water. Pot is commonly used to hold flour, among other things. Pie dish is used in Cooking for baking pie. Bowl is used in cooking as well. Plant pot is used in farming. And finally, pot lid is used to keep pots air-tight. To obtain the pot lit, you must reach a certain point in the One Small Favor quest.

Raptor’s Challenge: Wyverns for Runescape Gold Hunters

Every week throughout the month of November, a new high-level monster will be released in Runescape for Runescape gold hunters who chase after the thrill of battle. Each monster comes with a truly epic loot to claim, all for the bravest of slayers that triumph over the challenges will face against these beasts. Find out more in the article below!

runescape gold wyvern

Become a Slayer Master for More Runescape Gold

In his ongoing quest to take down Gielinor’s biggest game, the Raptor has set himself up south of Port Sarim as a slayer master for November. Slayers of all levels can take a daily, level-appropriate assignment which grants double Slayer XP. Impress him over the course of the month for a Raptor-themed cosmetic armour set.

Before Anything Else for Runescape Gold Hunters

  • You must be a RuneScape member
  • 96 Slayer is required to damage the wyverns
  • 100 Combat is required to be assigned wyverns by a slayer master
  • Very high combat stats and your best gear bought with gold4rs are strongly recommended
  • Wyrmfire potions will be a big help, which you can also get with rsgold

Facing Off Against Cold-hearted Beasts for Runescape Gold Hunters

This week’s monsters are wyverns, the descendants of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon’s skeletal evils. Wyverns are the first of four devilish new beasts that come with the Raptor’s Challenge. Battle against the cold, resist their strong poison, and emerge as victorious with the Level 85 wyvern crossbow, which has a damage-over-time passive effect and accompanying bolts.

Wyverns can be assigned by Kuradal, Morvran (during November), and the Raptor. Once the month is up, the wyverns will remain though, as they’re a permanent fixture.

Anti-Wyvern Tactics for Runescape Gold Hunters

Head deeper into the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, past the skeletal wyverns. Far into the frosty depths of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, you’ll encounter these ancient, powerful beasts. Their massive poison damage can be mitigated the chillier you get; however, you might want to watch out for the cold as it comes with its own deadly effects.

You have all means to deal with the wyvern. You decide whether you lash at the wyvern, sword in hand and shield in the other, or if you want to pick it off from a safe distance with magic and ranged attacks. Whatever tactic you use, this fight will surely be as fun as it is challenging, and should be a fight to prepare for. It’s always a good idea to stack up on food and medicine which you can get for cheap Runescape gold.

And besides, you’ll get a wyvern crossbow for all your hard work! This wicked Level 85 two-hander has an awesome passive DoT effect, so it can really dish out a massive amount of damage. Pair it with matching bolts when you buy RS Gold to make the most of the mighty weapon, and you’ll know it’s absolutely worth all the trouble.

Runescape Gold Hunters’ New Auras for Hallowe’een!

Today, Runescape released a massive batch of auras for Runescape gold hunters, including all-new options and higher-tiered versions of some of the players’ old favourites. Read the article below to find out more!

Runescape Gold Gauntlet

Other Updates: Gauntlet of Souls for Runescape Gold Hunters

From 00:00 UTC on 27th October, Gauntlet of Souls will break free of its shackles and shambles from RuneLabs, lasting all through the Halloween period, for two weeks. Along with a whole new and spooky environment timely for the holiday event, there are also some great gold4rs rewards, including a Kharidian cat pet, gravestone overrides and XP-giving herb burner.

Brand New Auras for Runescape Gold Hunters

Brand new auras are now available when you buy RS gold, through Xuan’s Loyalty Store or Solomon’s Store, such as the following auras that come in five tiers (all with benefits ranging from 3% — 15%):

  • Dedicated Slayer— Slayer kills have a chance not to reduce your assignment count.
  • Flameproof— Reduces chance of burning food.
  • Focused Siphoning— Increases chance of successful siphoning at the Runespan.

Melee Berserker, Brawler, and Other Auras for Runescape Gold Hunters

The following are equivalents to the melee Berserker aura (both at tier three):

  • Reckless— Boosts ranged damage and accuracy, at the cost of defense.
  • Maniacal— Boosts magic damage and accuracy, at the cost of defense.

Brawler comes in four tiers, with benefits up to 10%:

  • Brawler— Increases melee accuracy.

There also new tiers for the following RSgold hunters’ favourites:

  • Wisdom— Supreme and Legendary tiers, with duration increased to 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Jack of Trades— Legendary tier, requiring 25 different skills trained in three hours.

A Look at Gauntlet of Souls for Runescape Gold Hunters

Gauntlet of Souls is set to focus around Icthlarin versus Amascut in the Grim Underworld. Players will have to help Icthlarin guide souls across the River Noumenon, a.k.a. the afterlife. Sounds exciting enough! The idea, apparently, originated from the May 2015 winner of RuneLabs. It’s slated to release this 26th of October (countdown begins, cheap RS gold enthusiasts!), so stack up on items when you buy Runescape gold and prepare yourself for the plunge into the Underworld itself.

The Death of Chivalry F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters Part 4

The Death of Chivalry is an F2P Runescape quest that replaced Black Knights’ Fortress. It features Sir Owen and Saradominand is the second quest to take place in the Sixth Age. Find out more about this quest in the article below, Runescape gold hunters!

runescape gold saradomin

Fighting for the Wand for Runescape Gold Hunters

After Dawn steals the wand, head back to the main room and speak with her once you have stacked up on items when you buy RS gold. After revealing her foul intentions, she will kill Sir Owen, and then raise both him and the Black Knights from the dead before teleporting away. Here, a fight will ensue. They are fairly easy to defeat as their life points are scaled to your level. You can defeat them through any method you desire. One tactic is to stand on the stairs and use magic or ranged weapons since the zombies won’t be able to climb the stairs.

Once they are defeated, search Sir Owen’s body. You may compose a eulogy, say a prayer to the god of your choosing, and take his shield (you are not required to pick up the shield now, even if you want the shield, since you will be awarded the shield upon completion of the quest). Go north and open the portcullis (gaining 125 more Strength experience) and enter the main tomb area.

Defeating Dawn for Runescape Gold Hunters

Confront Dawn and prepare for battle. Though her life points are scaled to your combat level, this is considerably the hardest fight of the quest. Dawn attacks using standard Fire Strike spells. At this point, fire resistant items bought with gold4rs should help. She also has a special attack that creates a pulsating purple cloud that covers a 3×3 area, and deals 10% of your maximum life points in damage every few ticks. Look out for a set of white pulsating circles where you’re standing, as it is a sign that she’s about to release the purple cloud. Simply run away from where it appears. Initially, she will create one purple cloud, and during the duration of the purple cloud will attack you with un-deflectable magic attacks. After you complete each skeleton wave, she will create an additional purple cloud in succession to the previous one (2 clouds after wave 1, 3 clouds after wave 2, and 4 purple clouds at once after wave 3). Dawn has no weaknesses, but since she attacks with magic, ranged armour and weapons are beneficial which you can get with cheap Runescape gold. If you stand upon the platform while all possible purple clouds are not in effect, she will push you off the platform, then start summoning a purple cloud. But if all purple clouds are currently in effect, she will not push you off. Hence, melee is only usable after baiting out all of her purple clouds.

Saradomin and the Wand for Runescape Gold Hunters

Upon defeating Dawn, search her body to find the Wand of Resurrection, Dawn’s key, and the Skull of Remembrance. Use the small key to unlock the journal and read it as it contains Dulcin’s diary entries, most notably on how he first entered the Tomb of the Fallen, lost many men to Fern and failed to breach the final ward protecting the wand. The next entries are written in red by Lensig. After looting her corpse, Saradomin will call you back to the southern room. Go back and talk to Saradomin. You have two options here. If you don’t choose to give him the wand, he will grab it from you by force. If you attempt to use the wand on Sir Owen at this point before continuing the conversation, it will start an animation but fail and Saradomin will explain why it didn’t work. The wand deems him unworthy when he attempts to resurrect Sir Owen, and thus brings the knight back, however it corrupts his arm. There will be more dialogue here, but anyway Saradomin will teleport you back to the Edgeville Monastery. You can also explore the area further as you may loot a few items and RSgold here.

The Death of Chivalry F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters Part 1

The Death of Chivalry is an F2P Runescape quest that replaced Black Knights’ Fortress. It features Sir Owen and Saradominand is the second quest to take place in the Sixth Age. Find out more about this quest in the article below!

runescape gold death

The Kinshra for Runescape Gold Hunters

To begin this quest, speak with Sir Owen in the garden north of the Edgeville Monastery. He will tell you “the owl hoots at midnight“. Respond with any of the available options. Sir Owen will explain that Sir Amik Varze sent him to the area for a mission, however his contact hasn’t arrived yet. Soon you are interrupted by a cutscene of Saradomin arriving to the area. After choosing an option, progress through the conversation. If you have openly declared allegiance to a god through a God Emissary, you can bow before him if he is your chosen god, or if you have sided with any other emissary, defy his request and declare your loyalties to another god. Saradomin will tell you that his enemies, the Kinshra, have discovered a powerful weapon last used during the Third Age, and he needs you to prevent them from using it. Stack up on food and other utility items when you buy RS gold before starting this quest!

Infiltrating the Fortress for Runescape Gold Hunters

You will need a disguise in order to enter the fortress. You don’t need to buy armor with cheap Runescape gold for this quest. Simply take the armour just southwest of you, made up of the Black Knight captain’s helm, cuirass, gown, gauntlets, and boots. Equip the armor and return to Saradomin. He’ll tell you that you’ll be impersonating the captain, Dulcin, overseer of the Black Knights. Sir Owen will accompany you as your prisoner. With your permission, Saradomin will teleport you to the entrance of the Black Knights’ Fortress.

Inside the Fortress for Runescape Gold Hunters

You will need to speak to the various characters in the fortress in order to convince them that you are Captain Dulcin. Wrong answers will increase your suspicion bar, which must stay below 100, or else you’ll be kicked out and have to start over again. Attempt to open the portcullis and talk to the Fortress guard. Regardless of your answer to his first question, your suspicion bar will be raised to 25 as the guard will ask you what you’re doing with a knight of Saradomin.

Dragon Slayer F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters Part 4

Dragon Slayer is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters, and is regarded as the most difficult of all F2P quests. Once successfully completed, players will gain the ability to equip the rune platebody and its variants, the blue d’hide body and its variants, and the batwing torso. Read the article to find out more about Lozar’s map piece and the next objectives.

rs gold p4 lumbridge

How to Obtain Lozar’s Map Piece for RS Gold Hunters

Alternatively, you can directly head to confront the perpetrator, eliminating the need to visit the Guildmaster and Goblin Village. Otherwise, ask the Guildmaster about Lozar’s map piece; the map section is hidden in a safe box in Lozar’s house in Lumbridge, unfortunately, she was killed during a goblin raid and the creatures looted everything. The Guildmaster will recommend you speak to someone in the Goblin Village. You will find out that the third map piece is in the possession of a goblin named Wormbrain, who is being held at the Port Sarim Jail. Head there and speak to Wormbrain, who admits to stealing the map piece from an old woman.

Three Ways to Obtain Lozar’s Map Piece for RS Gold Hunters

There are three ways to obtain this map piece. You can:

  • Beat up Wormbrain using magic or ranged attacks, and cast Telekinetic Grab on the map piece he drops, though this will require 33 Magic, which can be boosted.
  • Beat up Wormbrain using magic or ranged attacks, and use the loot interface to obtain the map piece.
  • Speak to him and pay him 10,000 Runescape gold coins for the map piece.

After obtaining all the map pieces, simply use one of them on another to complete the Crandor map and continue on to Port Sarim.

The Lady Lumbridge for RS Gold Hunters

According to the Guildmaster, there is a ship for sale in Port Sarim. Once there, talk to Klarense to be informed that the ship is damaged. You can buy this boat, the Lady Lumbridge, for 2,000 cheap Runescape gold coins. Board the ship and descend the ladder. You must fix the holes by using regular planks on them, which also consumes 30 steel nails each hole—all of which you can get when you buy RS gold coins if don’t have them in your inventory.  After you have done so, go to Draynor Village to speak with Ned, located in the house just north of Miss Schism, as he sells and crafts ropes. Ask him to captain the ship and assist you in sailing to the island of Crandor. Meet him back on the Lady Lumbridge in Port Sarim. Make sure to upgrade your gear and stack up on items with rsgold coins as you will face off against the dragon Elvarg next!

Wolf Whistle F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters P1

Wolf Whistle is an F2P Runescape quest that introduces the skill of summoning to gold4rs hunters! Here, you help druids in Taverley summon a one-of-a-kind creature to help defeat the trolls who have kidnapped one of their kin. Find out more about this quest in the article below!

runescape gold ww

The Assistants: Wolf Whistle F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Pikkupstix will tell you to look into the whereabouts of his assistants, Scalectrix and Bowloftrix. Locate them by the dry well in Taverley. Follow the road southwest across a bridge; after crossing, walk north and you will spot a well. Scalectrix is just outside, however, according to her, Bowloftrix was captured by trolls. Report back to Pikkupstix. You can either take a look at the trolls and watch a cutscene of Bowloftrix in trouble, or talk directly to Pikkupstix. Either way, you will have to speak to Pikkupstix for the quest to progress. Inform Pikkupstix that his assistant was kidnapped by trolls. He will then ask that you assist him in summoning a giant wolpertinger. To do this, you need to retrieve his ancient wolf bone amulet, some white hare meat, and an embroidered pouch.

The Giant Wolpertinger: Wolf Whistle F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

You don’t have to worry too much about this quest as it won’t be that much of a challenge. The amulet can be retrieved from one of Pikkupstix’s assistant, Stikklebrix. Follow the road back across the bridge and keep going west, past the well and onto the White Wolf Mountain. On the mountain, follow the middle path until you find Stikklebrix’s body lying cold on the ground. Search his body to obtain the ancient wolf bone amulet. For the white hare meat, go to the pet shop south of Pikkupstix, and ask the owner about white hare meat. You can get white hare meat from his supplier in Morytania. Finally, for the pouch, simply head upstairs in Pikkupstix’s house and open the cluttered drawers in the northwest corner of the room. Once all the items are on hand, Pikkupstix will give you the rare summoning items that are the remaining ingredients needed to make a giant wolpertinger pouch at the Obelisk in the hut. Now, click on the Obelisk located in the east side of his house and talk to him again. Combine the items into a giant wolpertinger pouch, and after infusing the pouch, report to Pikkupstix. In order to summon the wolpertinger, you will need to combine powers with Scalectrix, so return to Scalectrix at the well.

Scaring the Trolls in the Well: Wolf Whistle F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Head back over to the well and talk to Scalectrix. A cutscene will play wherein you and Scalectrix will summon the giant wolpertinger and will scare the trolls, led by Wolf Meat and Wolf Bones, before it fades away. Scalectrix and the player then free Bowloftrix from the trolls, and after a few dialogues, the quest will be completed, rewarding you with Runescape gold.

Summoning: Wolf Whistle F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Since you have already been introduced to summoning, you may now engage in calling forth a variety of summons. The wolpertinger pouch is made by using a summoning pouch on a summoning Obelisk with 203 spirit shards, a Crimson charm, a raw rabbit, and a set of wolf bones—all of which are either purchasable when you buy Runescape gold, or lootable as you go along your way.

What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters P1

What’s Mine is Yours is an F2P quest for novice gold4rs hunters in Runescape who want more rsgold. In this quest, you need to help revive Doric the dwarf’s dying business, but there is actually more to the story than that. Find out more in the article below!

rs gold wmisp1

A Dwarf’s Dying Business: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Doric’s Hut is located north west of the Falador lodestone. Go there and talk to Doric to begin the quest. He will tell you that his business is ruined, since the past few months he’s been getting little to no orders, even from loyal customers like Nurmof, who apparently cancelled his pickaxe order from Doric. On top of this, his son Boric, who finished his studies at Keldagrim and was supposed to be home weeks ago, is missing. Ask and he will tell you that his last remaining customer is Sir Amik Varze, the leader of the White Knights in Falador. Suggest that you will provide Sir Amik with the smith’s best work to attract potential buyers.

Materials for a Friend: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Doric is low on the raw materials—especially high quality ores—needed to produce his finest works. Obtain them for him as he must wait in the hut for his son’s return. The ores that he needs are:

  • 2 high-quality copper ores
  • 2 high-quality tin ores

Doric will hand you a mining sites map and an ore bag for locating and storing the special ores respectively. The sites that you have to go to are the Dwarven Mine, Rimmington mine, and the south west and the south east Varrock mining site.

Into the Mines: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

Before heading off to the specified mines, make sure to gear up and stack up on items when you buy Runescape gold. As you gather ore at each mine, a Living rock brawler will appear and attack you. These animated brawlers may be particularly difficult to defeat depending on your level, and if that is the case, you may need to rely on better equipment you can purchase with cheap RS gold. Anyway, once they have been dispatched, they will drop a high-quality ore each. The brawlers located at the south west and south east Varrock mining sites, however, drop a broken anvil amulet and a wizard’s diary respectively.

The Dark Wizard Elijah: What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest for RS Gold Hunters

As you enter the Rimmington mining site, a cutscene of a certain Dark Wizard Elijah, as well as a concealed dwarf talking about enchanting some of the rocks to prevent obtaining the ore, will play. The Dark Wizard will cast a spell and then teleport away. After mining all the ores, make your way back to Doric. Use the Falador lodestone to fast travel and then walk north west until you reach the hut.