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Ever wonder how OSRS is still alive today? You do? Same here. Yes Old School Runescape requires for players to buy membership but as far as I know and correct me if I’m wrong, the number of players playing the game can’t even pay the salaries of a team of support. How much of the numerous developers for OSRS for those new content? And as if they get OSRS Gold for salary right? So, how in the world the game is still afloat?

OSRS Gold: Micro Transactions

Usually, MMORPGs that want to stay alive but you know is in desperation in doing so, resort to micro-transactions. Micro-transactions require an item shop and people buying in impulse. Most of the time, these patrons won’t notice that they are buying unreasonably. In my opinion, Old School Runescape’s standing in the MMORPG race will force them to follow this format of collecting income but to our surprise, they haven’t done this. Someone in Reddit wonders about the same thing and this is his post:

I’ve been loving OSRS’s popularity as of late, even before the DMM hype, OSRS has consistently had 10-15k more players online than RS3. I’m just curious as to how they’re able to keep MTX out of this game?

I mean don’t get me wrong, like probably all of you, I hate the idea of MTX, but how is Jagex able to get the investors and such to lay off OSRS as a MTX profit opportunity? I hate to say it but they don’t have a care in the world about the integrity of the game or whether or not even it’d ruin the game for some, if they lost half the players due to buyable XP through an MTX update, yet the remaining half stuck around and bought a bunch of shit, it would yield them more profit overall.

Am I just being pessimistic about it all? Been playing rs for a solid 12 years and I’ve been fucked by Jagex too many times over the years…just don’t know if I should trust the future of the game now that it’s looking like OSRS is gonna become Jagex’s most successful version of the game

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So why do you think OSRS haven’t resorted to micro-transactions? Jagex can put an option there wherein players can buy Old School Runescape Gold there for in-game use and many more in-game benefits in the item store. Let us know your opinion in the comments section.