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Even though Old School Runescape is an old game, there are still many players that stream while playing the game. You would think that streaming OSRS is pretty boring but it is otherwise. People and OSRS players watch popular streamers on how they go about the game. For example, when a veteran OSRS player farm shows people how to farm OSRS gold easily; yes people are actually interested on those and watch streams like those.

OSRS Gold: Aspiring to Stream

Are you planning to be an Old School Streamer as well? Someone in the OSRS Reddit shared his story on how he is new to streaming and planning to make his streams to be more interesting. You might able to relate to this post:

Hey guys, I’ve been a huge fan of Runescape for a long time now, about 10 years or so. I recently got into streaming for fun, as I find myself watching streams daily and it has completely replaced my TV consumption now that I think about it.

Anyways, after coming back to OSRS a few weeks ago due to starting an iron man (I’m addicted now help), I’ve decided to stream for fun! 🙂 I plan to stream my Ironman and hopefully someone else can get caught up in the addiction of progression like I currently am.

Okay, that’s enough for background info. I’m not looking for upvotes or anything, but any comments or tips you can give me for streaming in general, as well as specifically about OSRS streaming (ex: what content to stream in OSRS, pvp or pve). Any general advice or specific advice in regards to OSRS streaming would be amazing! I love the community and I’m excited to see if this subreddit can help me out at all 🙂

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If you are an OSRS player and you often watch OSRS streamers, what content do you want to see from an aspiring streamer? How to get Old School Runescape gold is one. What else? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.