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With the fast advancement of technology, sometimes you will wonder why certain games don’t improve and / or why can’t they be accessible in other platforms. For example, Old School Runescape still can’t be played in mobile phones. The game dates back before smart phones became popular. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge on the capabilities of smart phones, you would know that handheld devices should be able to handle OSRS. Heck, smart phones can play old Playstation 2 games! There is also a game right now, Albion Online, with high graphics requirements, can be played in smart phones! So yeah, you would wonder why Old School Runescape is still not available for Android or iOS phones. Imagine, you can farm OSRS gold while on the move if that is only possible.

OSRS Gold: Same Sentiment

Someone shares the same sentiment of mine from Reddit, thinking that OSRS should be accessible through smart phones. His post is entitled “After coming back to OSRS, I still am confused as to why, with how powerful smart phones are, we can’t get a mobile client.” Here is the post of NickMotionless:

Like, what the shiz, Jagex? These crappy graphics could’ve been ran on the first gen iPhone. Why is there no Android/iOS client? I get that Java is hard to emulate because it’s not natively on either platform, . With GNU Root and the GNU Runescape on Android, it’s doable, but running it through what is essentially a mobile VM for Linux results in god-awful performance. Teamviewer also sucks as well because it’s annoying to have to deal with the massive input latency and laggy video.

I yearn for a time when Oldschool Runescape can be played on long road trips and flights through your data connection. The grind is too real to not be able to devote all your free time on the move to it.

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Exactly what I thought! Old School Runescape is undoubtedly playable in iOS or Android. I wonder why Jagex doesn’t take advantage of this? More platform to play the game means more revenue! For us players, it will be easier to earn more Old School Runescape Gold and enjoy the game’s other aspects. What do you guys think? I am pretty sure you do! Leave your opinion on the comments section below.