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E-sports is garnering a lot of attention lately and the number of people putting interest in it is rising. From Multiplayer Online Battle Arean (MOBA) to fighting games, e-sports is something to be excited about. It is about time for competitive gaming to gain popularity among viewers since we have reached that time of appreciation of talent. After all, sports include skills, not only in the physical aspect. High level of gaming should be rewarded just like questing in OSRS rewarding players with OSRS gold.

OSRS Gold: OSRS E-Sports?

Speaking of Old School Runescape, do you think the MMORPG should have a piece of the e-sports scene? This person does. Qkosrs posted this in Reddit with the title “Why isn’t OSRS GameBattles/MLG a thing? We need to get this going.”:

There is a OSRS 1v1 bracket on the GameBattles/MLG website but only 2 players have competed. I’m surprised this isn’t already a popular thing so dear RuneScape community,

Can we please get this going?

We can have GameBattle variants to where certain aspects of the fight can be banned like certain items, prayers etc.

Would be easy to set rules in Duel Arena and Clan Wars. Could even get clans to compete at Castle Wars (Capture the flag variant)

Also a possibility of getting team brackets (ex. Team doubles, 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5)

Just google ‘GameBattles Oldschool RuneScape’ for the link


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So, uhm, as much as I would love Old School Runescape to get a spotlight in the e-sports scene, I doubt it will compared to the other games out there. Games in the e-sports big scene now should at least be “recent” or “fresh”. The very least, “relevant”. Admittedly, Old School Runescape is not “recent” anymore hence the “old school” in its name. As much as it will be competitive and entertaining, at least for us in the OSRS population, it won’t be for the rest of the world. Compared to the millions of viewers for other games / genres, OSRS is nothing to them. I know, it is sad. Let me buy OSRS gold for you, to comfort you. JK.

How about you? What do you think about this suggestion? Let us know!