RS Gold

Travel in Runescape can cost you a lot of RSgold. If you think about it however, you can turn the tables and get cheap RS gold by selling means of transportation. This is where Teleport to Varrock Tablets come in. Buy Runescape gold and then craft them and you can start earning gold4rs easily.

varrock teleport tabs

Investing as Capital

This method of earning Runescape gold requires players to buy Runescape gold first. The gold will be used to purchase the needed Soft Clay, Law Runes and Air Runes. A Fire Staff is also needed to circumvent the need for Fire Runes. Players will also need to have access to a lectern in a player-owned house to create the Teleport to Varrock Tablets. Finally, a Magic skill level of 25 is needed for crafting the tablets.

Earning out of Varrock Teleport Tabs

To craft Teleport to Varrock Tablets, players simply need to go to a lectern located in the study of a player-owned house. Once there, they can use the lectern to craft a tablet consuming a Law Rune, three Air Runes, a Fire Rune and Soft Clay in the process. Note that the tablets do not stack so you’ll only be able to carry 25 tablets per trip to the bank. Teleport to Varrock Tablets sell for 1,338 coins on average.

Maximizing Profit

Like most gold making techniques, speed can determine how much you can earn per hour. As such, a lectern close to the house entrance can shave off a few seconds per trip to the lectern. Having a Ring of Duelling is also helpful. Use it to go to the bank in Castle Wars from your house. An alternative method to leave the house would be through a portal chamber or a mounted amulet of glory. For the trip to your house, a house teleport tablet would help greatly.

Perhaps the biggest factor for this money making technique is the lectern. While it may be cheap to use the lectern in your friend’s in-game house, you won’t be able to get to it as quickly with the methods listed above. Getting your own house and a lectern just for this method however seems a waste. If you really do want a house in-game anyway, then that might be more acceptable. Finally, if you already have a house and a lectern, then you definitely need to use this technique.