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Dragon Slayer is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters, and is regarded as the most difficult of all F2P quests. Once successfully completed, players will gain the ability to equip the rune platebody and its variants, the blue d’hide body and its variants, and the batwing torso. Read the article to find out more about Lozar’s map piece and the next objectives.

Dragon Slayer F2P Quest

How to Obtain Lozar’s Map Piece

Alternatively, you can directly head to confront the perpetrator, eliminating the need to visit the Guildmaster and Goblin Village. Otherwise, ask the Guildmaster about Lozar’s map piece; the map section is hidden in a safe box in Lozar’s house in Lumbridge, unfortunately, she was killed during a goblin raid and the creatures looted everything. The Guildmaster will recommend you speak to someone in the Goblin Village. You will find out that the third map piece is in the possession of a goblin named Wormbrain, who is being held at the Port Sarim Jail. Head there and speak to Wormbrain, who admits to stealing the map piece from an old woman.

Three Ways to Obtain Lozar’s Map Piece

There are three ways to obtain this map piece. You can:

  • Beat up Wormbrain using magic or ranged attacks, and cast Telekinetic Grab on the map piece he drops, though this will require 33 Magic, which can be boosted.
  • Beat up Wormbrain using magic or ranged attacks, and use the loot interface to obtain the map piece.
  • Speak to him and pay him 10,000 Runescape gold coins for the map piece.

After obtaining all the map pieces, simply use one of them on another to complete the Crandor map and continue on to Port Sarim.

The Lady Lumbridge

According to the Guildmaster, there is a ship for sale in Port Sarim. Once there, talk to Klarense to be informed that the ship is damaged. You can buy this boat, the Lady Lumbridge, for 2,000 cheap Runescape gold coins. Board the ship and descend the ladder. You must fix the holes by using regular planks on them, which also consumes 30 steel nails each hole—all of which you can get when you buy RS gold coins if don’t have them in your inventory.  After you have done so, go to Draynor Village to speak with Ned, located in the house just north of Miss Schism, as he sells and crafts ropes. Ask him to captain the ship and assist you in sailing to the island of Crandor. Meet him back on the Lady Lumbridge in Port Sarim. Make sure to upgrade your gear and stack up on items with rsgold coins as you will face off against the dragon Elvarg next!