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The long awaited skill, Invention, is finally here! The tech-level of Gielinor is about to change, and gold4rs making has never been easier! Log on and begin augmenting gear and discovering perks with this new elite skill for Runescape gold hunters. Find out more in the article below.



You must be Level 80 in Divination, Smithing, and Crafting before you are able to access the elite skill: Invention. Once you have met these requirements, go to the Guild of Inventors, north of Falador, and speak to Doc to begin your own journey of discovery – and more than cheap RS gold making, of course!

Invention Elite Skill Profit

As mentioned before, Invention is about augmenting and modifying existing gear, adding perks that give new dimensions and possibilities. You can build sets of gear for yourself, which will certainly be useful against tricky bosses. You can also earn profit by creating advanced sets and trade them off for RSgold. The possibilities are just endless with the Invention skill! You can create a weapon that deals extra damage to demons, armor that has a chance of reducing received damage, or a mysterious enhanced Chinchompa that has dramatically increased destructive power. The power is in your hands.

As you use your augmented gear, it’ll accrue its own XP, levelling in its own right. You’ll find this to be beneficial as you make more discoveries and train Invention further. As you level up the skill, you’ll be able to branch out into specializations, determining which type of tech you learn first. Will you prioritise Dwarven inventions, or do the volatile designs of the Goblin tech branch appeal more to your sensibilities?

Disassembling Items

Train the skill by disassembling your items and experimenting with their integral materials via the Invention workbench. This is the core of Invention, after all. Discovering an ever-increasing number of special perks, adding them to your items and creating new ways to quest, skill and fight through Gielinor is what makes Invention so fun and challenging at the same time! With these items, you can earn massive amounts of more than just cheap Runescape gold, especially if you manage to create advanced weaponry and gear with highly sought after perks.

Invention Skill Updates

New inventions will be added to the game for you to discover each month this year eventually, as part of major updates coming to RS gold hunters. There’ll be several bigger batches of Invention content, as well. For now, this ought to keep you stoked!

Well, what are you waiting for? To the workbench, you go!