RS Gold

After a very long wait, raids have come to Runescape. RSgold hunters can now get cheap RS gold alongside others looking for gold4rs. Get ready to buy RS gold as you’ll be needed a lot of items and equipment when you take on the Liberation of Mazcab raid.

New Runescape Raids

Getting Rewards

With the fall of Tuska, a portal to Mazcab has appeared. Through it players can explore the home of the goebies and get cheap Runescape gold. Through it, you will also join other players in the game’s first ever raid, the Liberation of Mazcab. You will need to buy Runescape gold as the challenge that awaits you in the raid are tougher than usual. In fact, you will need help from your fellow players to take it on.

Entry into the raid requires a group of up to ten players. This can be done through the Grouping System. Once your group is complete, select the Liberation of Mazcab and prepare to protect goebies.

Drops from bosses

The Liberation of Mazcab raid has two bosses available, Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru. The former only appears once you have started freeing the goebie in the middle of the arena. At first, only Chargers, Airuts and Durzag’s pet appear. After defeating these mobs the boss will finally appear. The second boss of the Liberation of Mazcab raid is Yakamaru. Note that this boss will only appear once you have defeated Beastmaster Durzag. It will spawn Jellyfish adds as well as copies of itself.

Note that players can perform Raid Feats when fighting these bosses. These are special conditions that if met will unlock special titles for players. Specifically, players can get the Daredevil title through these.


Aside from getting loot and drops from the bosses in the raid, players will also get Teci upon completing a raid. This is the currency of Raids and can be exchanged for Raid Rewards. Teci can be exchanged with the Armoursmith located near the entrance of the Pit of Trials in the new area. Items you can buy include the armor dropped by the bosses as well as tradable skills.