RS Gold

Magic is not just useful to RS gold hunters for combat, but also to earn more than just cheap RS gold. Through it, several spells can be cast that will help rsgold hunters to deal with monsters they earn a profit from, but also to create items. It is this effect that today’s guide will focus on. Why buy RS gold when you can make gold off of.. bananas?

In-game Gold

Investing for More!

For this method of earning cheap Runescape gold, your character will need have access to a staff of water. Additionally, the core of this gold4rs earning method requires bones. These can be bought from the Grand Exchange or harvested from mobs. Each batch of 26 bones will require one Nature Rune and two Earth Runes. This brings the total cost of materials to around 5,793 RS gold. Whether you buy Runescape gold for this or not is up to you.

Coverting Bones

The procedure for this RS gold making technique is simple. With bones in your inventory, cast Bones to Bananas. This will turn all the bones in your bag to turn into bananas. The spell requires a Staff of Water and consumes a Nature Rune and two Earth Runes. Additionally, the spell requires a Magic level of 15, which makes it a relatively accessible means of earning gold.

Depending on how fast you go through the procedure, a batch of 10,000 bones can be converted into 48,000 bananas. This can then be sold for around 394,050 gold on the Grand Exchange. To increase the speed at which you convert and store bananas, usage of action bar shortcuts and bank quick presets is recommended.

Points to Consider

There are a few things RS gold hunters can improve in this method. One is to use a Mud battlestaff. This item will remove the need for Earth Runes allowing you to carry an additional stack of bones. Another way to reduce costs to improve profit is to equip and Explorer’s Ring 4. This gives the caster a 50% chance to cast the Bones to Bananas spell without using up runes. Note however that the effect can only be triggered ten times per day.