RS Gold

One of the easiest way to get cheap RS gold is to cut trees into logs. Did you know however that this basic technique can be used to earn even more RSgold. You will need to buy RS gold for it, but the gold4rs you will get is a lot more than usual. We’ll show you how to make a profit from Elder Logs.

Elder Logs

Putting in

For this technique to get cheap Runescape gold your character will need to have the Woodcutting skill at level 90. It is also highly recommended that you have a very good quality hatchet. Make sure to get either a Dragon Hatchet or a Crystal Hatchet. You may need to buy Runescape gold to pay for this however. Aside from these requirements, you simply need to locate three elder tree locations. The reason for this will be explained below.


Once you meet all the requirement head to an Elder Tree and cut it down. Afterwards, head to your second Elder Tree and cut it down too. Afterwards head to a bank and deposit your logs. Next, move to your third tree and cut it down. Bank the logs again and go back to the first tree to repeat the process. When you want to get your gold, simply sell the Elder Logs on the RS3 Grand Exchange.

Multiple trees are needed for this technique because Elder Trees take up to five minutes to chop down. Additionally, it takes them 10 minutes to respawn. Note that three trees is the minimum for you to always have a tree available for chopping. If you have access to more trees it is alright to chop them down too.

Making more

Elder Logs sell for 4,093 coins a piece. While the price cannot be easily affected by one player, what you can do to get more profit is to get more logs in a shorter amount of time. As such, having a Beaver summon can help thanks to its +2 boost to Woodcutting. The same amount of boost can be obtained from a God Banner. A Lumberjack Aura also helps as it increases the chances of actually getting logs.