RS Gold

One sure fire way to have fun and still get cheap RS gold for your RSgold hunter is to hunt mobs. Not all mobs will do however, unless you want to buy RS gold instead, you’ll have to select your source of gold4rs properly. For today’s guide we will look at hunting Fungal Magi for items and gold.

Fungal Magi

Earn more

While this method for getting cheap Runescape gold is pretty straightforward, you will still need a few things before you can use it safely. For starters, it is recommended to have a Magic level of 77 to be able to cast spells to use against the Fungal Magi. Having Defense at 70 is also advisable to survive this monster’s attacks. A Polypore Staff is also highly recommended when hunting Fungal Magi. Alternatively, an Armadyl Battlestaff can be used. In either case, you may need to buy Runescape gold to have the funds to purchase the staff. Other than these, being able to access the Polypore Dungeon is the only true requirement.

Killing mobs

To make a profit using this method, you will need to be able to kill Fungal Mages quickly. These level 81 mobs can be found in the Polypore Dungeon, from the first to third floor. They also have 2,900 health and have resistances to normal attacks like most mobs. As such, the best way to damage them is to use magic. They are weak to air spells hence the recommendation to use an Armadyl Staff which negates the need for air runes. Upon death, Fungal Mages have a chance to drop Potato Cactus, Limpwurt Roots, Snape Grass, Pure Essences and other items. These can sell for quite a lot on the RS3 Grand Exchange.

Earning more, much more

The best way to earn more from this method is, as pointed out, to kill the mobs faster. Having higher Magic and Defense levels makes killing faster and reduces downtime. Having more space for the dropped items is also key. A Ring of Wealth can also help greatly as it increases the drop rate of certain items.