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Players of the game seem like they always have millions and millions of Old School Runescape gold. How do they do that? Let us find out what people said.

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Old School Runescape Gold Please

Actually it just occurred to me when I bumped into this post by Rookvrouw_Joke that I don’t have that much RS 2007 Gold compared to many. Well considering that I don’t play that much in a day, but still, I think I am the poorest player in the game. Here is the post and see if you can relate:

I started playing again after a 10 year hiatus and it seems like everyone has millions at their disposal now. The most I’ve made is 100K per hour of killing lava dragons. I still don’t understand where people get their 20M or even 2M.

I started playing a week ago and have almost 50 in all melee stats, 45 mage, but it seems like I can’t accomplish anything that would bring me money. It’s so discouraging seeing everyone with tens of millions in the bank while I am just proud to afford full rune.

How does everyone have so much money now without spending every waking minute grinding for rare drops? What can I do as a mid level player to make these millions? If not now, then what do I focus on to make these millions later without boring myself to death with something like rune crafting?


Are you in the same position like him (and me)? Yeah we deserve all the pity in the world since it seems like we are the only ones who don’t know how to make those OSRS Gold. Like really, how?!

People answered that it is all about grinding and working your gold total slowly. There is no trick to that. So I guess I can’t be rich in the game since I can’t grind it out that much in a day. How about you?