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The great devourer of worlds Tuska is headed for Gielnor. It us up to brave RSgold hunters to defeat the great beast to save the world. Of course this feat is no easy task and gold4rs hunters must band together to achieve it. Rewards are also in store for the brave heroes who will set out to fight.

Tuska World Event

Getting to join

The Tuska world event is open to all players. This means even if you buy RS gold or farm cheap RS gold the hard way, you can still join. To do just that, simply log in and access the new lodestone teleport. This will be unlocked for all players. You will then be teleported to the goddess’ back. From there, you must speak to one of the four factions present and join them in stopping the threat. The factions to choose from are the Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak and the Godless. After that, it’s time to face Tuska.

Diving energy

A being as huge as Tuska cannot be harmed by any conventional weapon bought using cheap Runescape gold. You can buy Runescape gold all you want, but it won’t matter much to this creature. To truly defeat her, players need a Mighty God Spear charged with divine energy.

Every hour, players can talk with Wizard Chambers to venture onto Tuska’s back. Whether in a group or solo, players will then traverse four islands. These are the remains of the worlds Tuska has consumed. On them, players will need to fight or use skills to complete challenges. The latter will give off divine energy that will charge your god spear. You will need to get at least 10% charge on your god spear by the time you reach Tuska’s head to unleash your attack.

Items and other rewards

Completing the challenges and striking a blow to Tuska will reward players with points. These can then be used to get rewards. Simply talk to the representatives of the factions to turn in your points. Items available for purchase include World Eater armor, the Tuska’s Wrath skill, Cosmetic Overrides and more. You can even get XP lamps and gear from previous events.