RS Gold

Unfinished potions are easy to make, however many players prefer to just simply buy them. After all, crafting them takes time and doesn’t yield much experience. As such, they are a very easy way to get cheap RS gold for RSgold hunters. Today’s guide will look at making Avantoe potion (unf). Buy RS gold to prepare for this unfinished potion making guide.

Unfinished Potions


For this guide, you will need to buy Runescape gold. The cheap Runescape gold will be used to get your Herblore and Dungeoneering skills to level 49. This gold will also be used to help acquire a Scroll of Cleansing. While the latter requires 20,000 tokens from Dungeoneering, getting the tokens will go smoother if you have supplies bought with gold.

Aside from the requirements above, your character will also need Clean Avantoe and Vials of Water. These are required to actually make the potions. There is no need to go to a special location, but it is recommended to be near a bank or the Grand Exchange. This is so you can sell or store your potions quickly.


Players often use Avantoe Potion (unf) to make Super energy. However, many do not want to create the potions as it is too mundane. Instead they opt to simply buy the unfinished potions in the RS3 Grand Exchange for 4,699 coins.

Making the potions is fairly simple. Just carry a Clean Avantoe and a Vial of Water in your inventory. Next use one on the other and you’ll have created an Avantor Potion (unf). You can then store this in the bank or sell it.


A Scroll of Cleansing is important to this method as it allows players to create Avantoe Potion (unf) in batches. It also has a 10% of making the potion without consuming the Avantoe. That means 1 out of 10 potions you create will be made for free. Another way to get freebies while crafting is to use Portable wells.  This gives you a 5% of crafting an extra unfinished potion without using materials.