RS Gold

Before you decide to go buy RS Gold, why not check out how to make more RS gold easily. In today’s guide we will show you how to get cheap RS gold easily. Today’s method will use Unpowered Orbs and the Earth Obelisk in the Edgeville dungeon. Let’s begin.

unpowered orbs


If you want to make lots of cheap Runescape gold to sell to those who buy Runescape gold, creating Earth Orbs may be for you. For this technique you will need to have access to Unpowered Orbs, Cosmic Runes and the Edgeville Dungeon. Note that your gold4rs hunter will also need to have Magic at level 60 and have an Earth Staff. Following this money making process will require an initial rsgold investment of 95 coins per Unpowered Orb and 558 coins for three Cosmic Runes.

Processing Orbs to Maximize Profit

The actual process of making Earth Orbs is pretty straight forward. Bring an Unpowered Orb to the Earth Obelisk inside the Edgeville dungeon. Next, equip an Earth Staff and cast Change Earth Orb on the Unpowered Orb. This will consume three Cosmic Runes and generate an Earth Orb. The latter sells for 2,400 RS gold  a piece. Per trip, you can create 27 Earth Orbs giving you a net profit of 47,169 coins per trip.

Understanding Pros and Cons to Generate

This method is simple and can generate up to 829,800 RS gold per hour. However, care must be taken when heading out into the Wilderness. As with any venture into this area make sure to only bring items you are not afraid of losing. Note that closest bank will be at the Edgeville lodestone. A trip from the bank to the Earth Obelisk would take around 205 seconds. This does not take into account any encounters along the way.

As mentioned above, there are encounters. The Edgeville dungeon in Runescape is home to several aggressive mobs that would not hesitate to attack your character. Prepare to engage thugs, chaos druids, deadly red spiders, skeletons and black demons. Even if you manage to avoid these, using the Earth Obelisk itself will cause nearby poison spiders to attack your character. Note that to maximize your Earth Orb output, you will not be able to pick up items. Consider bringing a friend along for this.