RS Gold

There are a multitude of ways to earn your cheap RS gold for your RS gold hunter. Some of these methods are quite invested and will require you to buy RS gold. However, there are also easy ways to get gold4rs with minimal effort. Getting them from Honeycombs is one such method.


Make more

To get cheap Runescape gold using this method the only thing you will need is Insect Repellent. This can be bought for 121 coins so you won’t need to buy Runescape gold. Aside from this, the only other thing you will need for this method is to have access to the beehives located in Catherby. This makes this method incredibly useful for new players. Depending on how fast you can click you can earn up to 695,000 coins per hour.


As mentioned above, you will need to have Insect Repellant for this money making method. The item is needed if you want to get close and extract Honeycombs from the beehives in Catherby. While you can buy repellent from the RS3 Grand Exchange, you can save your coins by looting it for free. Simply head to a house in the north of the bank in Catherby. The item should be on a small table free for anyone to take. Alternatively you can get one from the Bee keeper.

Once you the Insect Repellent, head to the apiary to the west of Catherby where the beehives are located. Use the repellent to get the bees out of the hives. Next, use a bucket and harvest the Honeycombs. Once your inventory is full, head to the bank and deposit them. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

How to get more

Honeycombs sell for 556 coins on the Grand Exchange and are used to create Honey Badger Pouches. Unfortunately there is no way to get more of the item per harvest, however you can increase the amount you earn per hour. Simply bring a beast of burden to store the Honeycombs in, to get more gold per trip to the beehives.