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We all get to that point where we have to face real life and limit our play time. You haven’t? I’m pretty sure you will. And when we want to get back to gaming because nostalgia or because it is our first love, we eventually shout “why do we only have 24 hours a day?!” You realize that the time per day is so short and your gaming time has to be the one to suffer. Can’t farm as much OSRS gold as it was in the past.

OSRS Gold: Hopefully

Like this guy, conory25 in Reddit is a perfect example of a guy who wants to have more rewards even if time is limited. Not all of OSRS of course.

I started playing Runescape way back in 2006, left a few months after the release of Summmoning and then moved on to different games. I returned at the start of this year when I found out they had introduced OSRS. It was pure nostalgic bliss when I got back into playing.

I loved the community, as the majority are the same age as myself (late teens – early 20’s) playing for similar reasons. What I don’t like is there is such a big emphasis on “no XP waste”. I was saddened to see most minigames where ghost towns when i returned. Not many people play minigames unless there is a piece of gear, e.g. Void/Torso, or an achievement diary task to be done. Gone are the days of actually playing them for fun! Some of my fondest memories are playing Castle Wars with some friends, even though none of us were any good.

What I would like to propose is a weekend specifically for a minigame (or multiple games), with extra bonuses for those who participate, rolling every week or two. I’ve played WoW for a few years and they have legacy weeks where you play old content. I feel this would address issues of “dead content”, which seems to be a big issue for the denizens of r/2007scape

I know that a lot of players, being older (myself included), have less time on their hands to actually play, so trying to get as much XP gains in as possible is understandable. However, I would like to bring a closer sense of community to everyone who plays and would like to get involved.

I also know the dangers of Double XP weekends and how they can turn the economy upside down, and I’d like to stress I don’t want a double XP weekend, what I’d like is something like double tickets in Castle Wars, extra Tokkul in Fight Pits etc.

I feel that with these extra rewards, we use content that is already there, allow people to do something that gives them a break from grinding and maybe revive some of the older content that a lot of players will remember in their prime.

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With this petition (I guess), people will not have to buy OSRS gold anymore to cope because if they bring up rewards a little for those people with limited playing time, playing will be as fulfilling as it was before.