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No MMORPG is perfect. We all know this fact, right? That is why sometimes I wonder why there are still people who complain with rage. I mean, it is not unusual to complain about some bugs or imperfections on the game but with anger? So yeah, let us take into consideration the programmers’ side and they cannot fool proof things. So let us write them our complains and report bugs calmly. For sure they will fix those if not sooner, later. I am as sure as a shining OSRS Gold.

Rage Reporting

Don’t be like this!

A Perfect Example

So, there was a post one year ago in the 2007scape subreddit about what is wrong in OSRS PvP. This was no angry post complaining about it. This was all about taking things calmly and just enumerating what were the things to be solved. No drama, just all business. That is how we as players should be when we report things that are needed to be fixed. Here is the first half of the post:

PvP in OSRS, as of this moment, is worse than private servers.

There are two main issues involved. Addressing these two issues will vastly improve the PvP community’s experience, as it removes a layer of luck from PKing. I’m aware not every player here enjoys/participates in PvP, so please take the time to understand the frustration we deal with every time we go out into the wilderness.

Issue #1 – Hit delays are randomized every attack, making it impossible to anticipate the timing of your and your opponent’s attacks.

This stems from the original issue players complained about – player ID. Jagex’s “solution”, if anything, made the problem worse. Originally, when two players engaged in combat, one of the two players experienced a consistent one tick decrease in the time it takes between their attack animation and their hit splat appearing.

As a result, one of the two players had a consistent hit delay advantage – their hits just happened slightly faster.

Jagex’s solution was to randomly flip this advantage between the two players. i.e., sometimes player 1 had a one tick decrease, and sometimes player 2 had a one tick decrease.

This is unbelievably stupid, and forces players to create an error margin of one tick whenever they make a decision to eat, switch gear, switch weapons, go for the KO, etc. The correct solution, as was applied in 2008/2009, is to remove these hit delay advantages. Hit delays should process the exact same way they do in PvM – consistent hit delay with respect to weapon of choice.

Ex. 1 – http://i.imgur.com/sLLJGpw.gifv

Notice the time it take between lifting up the bow, and the hit splat appearing. It’s not consistent, and even causes hits to stack randomly.

Ex. 2 – http://i.imgur.com/kOCPCR1.gifv

Notice how sometimes the hit splat appears when the scimitar is raised, and sometimes appears when the scimitar actually connects.

Ex. 3 – http://i.imgur.com/NvigafV.gifv

The problem persists when two players are fighting with different weapons.

This is how we should approach the game managers and programmers on how to fix the issues. We should address them the issues at hand in a low-key manner and direct to the point (with examples). We don’t have to bring in unnecessary comments because of our disappointment and anger. So guys, let us follow this great example and for sure I will. I’ll buy OSRS gold and give to each and every one of OSRS players out there if I let my anger get to me first while reporting problems in-game. I pledge to that and you should too!