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Last time, we talked about how Emily not only faked cancer, there’s the assumption that she also used viewbots. Viewbotting basically is using a third party program that generates viewers so that one’s stream has an illusion of having many audiences. This will make a streamer’s session boost popularity and in turn, generate more money. I do not know the specifics but that is the aim, to profit by fooling everyone. I still think Emily needs dough to buy Old School Runescape Gold.

Old School Runescape Gold: Continuation

I will now continue on sharing you the thoughts of that post in Reddit regarding Emily viewbotted. The next images show the graph of (real) popular streamer of Old School Runescape.


As you can see, the growth in the number of viewers gradually increased. This growth stops at a certain point. Sometimes there is no stopping to the increase at all. Comparing these images to that of Emily, we can assume that there is something suspicious on her statistics. If you think the comparisons are just coincidental, the poster even compared Emily’s graph to that of someone who got caught viewbotting, Pink_Sparkles. Here is her view graph:

Old School Runescape Gold, OSRS, RS2007, RS2007 Gold, Old School Runescape

The resemblance of Pink_Sparkles’ and Emily’s is undeniable. Emily used viewbot. The conclusion of the post is this:

I think it’s important that this community doesn’t support streamers that are trying to cheat their way to the top, especially during these hard times. There are a lot of good people that are way more deserving of views.

This is obviously known to the Twitch Staff, but they won’t deal with her as she’s making good money for them. And the fact that out Moderator Team Leader Mod Mat K is the fuckboy of her doesn’t help either, look at how he defends her during these tough times and how Emily only got banned for two weeks for buying 200M/RWTing while I and many others immediately got permed when we did the same exact thing for the very first time?

He is right. There are more streamers that work hard and honest for the number of viewers they get. We should throw our cash and RS2007 gold at those deserving streamers rather than these con artists.

What do you think? Feel free to react on our comments section regarding this.