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I don’t really get into the player versus player (PvP) part of a game until I think I completely owned in player versus environment (PvE). Completely owned PvE meaning I am wearing the best in slot of that time or expansion. After that, I go spam PvP but it’s not the first thing I do. Well, to be honest, I go for the in-game currency farm first. Like in OSRS, I make sure I’m rich enough that I am bathing in a pool of Old School Runescape Gold. Anyways, I am not saying PvP is worse than PvE. They are of equal excitement. I just take PvP seriously later than PvE because PvE requires more work. And by work, I mean really laser focus and do nothing but PvP.

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Old School Runescape Gold Attitude

I see and known many people who drops PvP because they are not good at it without even trying to be. That makes me think of them as stupid people. Of course you won’t become any better because you just quitted on yourself. Unlike this guy in OSRS Reddit. He wants to get better and asking how wouldn’t hurt and I applaud him for this:

Ive been playing for about 3 months and i made a f2p account so that i can actually learn how to pk. I made a range/2h pure, and the stats are: 30 attack, 41 strength, 42 range, 1 def, 25 magic and 39 HP (cb lvl of 32). I have little experience with pking but i know things such as stacking and safing. Ive pked about 10 times today, and won none (never won btw). Money isnt a problem for i transfer money from my main (11m). Any tips?

Of course you have to admit to everyone and most importantly, to yourself, that you need to get better. After, you strive to get better. That is the right attitude in PvP. So, any tips for this guy? Maybe give him some RS 2007 Gold? I don’t know since I’m not that pro as well. Leave a comment and make this dude better!

Source: PK_Nublet post in OSRS Reddit