RS Gold

Making enough Old School Runescape Gold to buy an Old School Runescape Bond is your monthly (main) goal if you don’t want to pay for your membership with real money. This is really an amazing feature of Old School Runescape because it gives players at least one thing to do in the game. Well, at least for me, it motivates me to farm for gold to ensure that I will be playing Old School Runescape for the next month.

Old School Runescape Gold in LMS

If you are going for the goal of not spending any money on OSRS membership, you have to find ways to make quick and big bucks in the game. There are a lot of ways to make a lot of gold in the game. The only difference would be if you prefer “working smart” or “working hard.”

One player in Reddit by the Reddit username of boleshine posted a topic on one (he thinks) activity that can rack up a big amount of Old School Runescape gold quickly:

played runescape since 2006. started osrs 1 year ago. my bank has never been higher than 1-2m. every week struggling to buy bond. then when LMS was released ive been playing it nonstop. Started with 200k. and ended up with 25m now since release. The fact you can do this right after getting members is pretty sick. Ofcourse you need some luck and flicking skills but isnt this on par with zulrah and bosses? i average 3-4m profit/hr

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People have been saying that he is just getting lucky on getting good amount of RS 2007 gold with LMS. Some do say he is just good at it. Nevertheless, it is a good source of gold in order to purchase monthly bond. So, if you are going to play Old School Runescape for a long period of time anyways, you may want to consider getting good in LMS and earn easy 3-4 million gold per hour!