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Last time I shared to you guys this interesting story about a guy posting in Reddit about Old School Runescape and how negatively it affected his life. Hopefully, farming Old School Runescape gold so much wasn’t the reason because I love doing that in OSRS.

Old School Runescape Gold: Second Part

Here’s the second part:

Around 2011-2013 when I was doing my a levels and didn’t have rs in my life, honestly it was so much better, I spoke with parents more often again, went to gym and such with mates, focused on my studies more. Up till Osrs was out during spring/summer 2013. Which I played for a month (I really forced myself to quit then) and it did impact on my studies, causing me to score lower marks than expected on my economic exams in summer. Which made me miss my place at a top tier university resulting in going to my insurance(just a lower tier university, still good but I don’t want to mention it)

When I got to university I didn’t play runescape due to not wanting to pay for membership and knew it would impact my studies/life. My first year of university was good, made a lot of friends, understood life more and did well.

When 2nd year came about, I still went strong for the first term, scoring good results, going out with friends, good relation with family.

But up till finding out about f2p osrs release, my life sank again. I got back into osrs, with all the free time I had at uni I just abused it with runescape =/. My week was wake up, go to lectures, come asap back and rs all day. I stopped going out with my friends less and less. And stopped doing homeworks/going over lectures after. Resulting in me barely revising for summer exams and failing 2nd year of uni.

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The negative effect of OSRS to him is slowly revealing. Let us see what’s next to his story. Good thing it’s not about RS 2007 Gold specifically or we will have a problem with that.