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If you have read my previous articles, I have been praising Old School Runescape for being a community driven game and how it is so nice being a player myself that I can contribute ideas on how to improve it. It’s a very big downer throughout my MMORPG career when I have a very good idea on how to make the game I am playing a little bit better and realize that even if I put out that idea through forums or even a formal email, the game company of that game won’t spend even a second to listen. Of course, that would leave me completely disappointment and sometimes angry because there is nothing I could do. It’s like I have millions of Old School Runescape Gold but nothing good to use it for.

Old School Runescape Gold: Not the Same Idea

The freedom of players in suggesting ideas and voting for things to be done in the game have their effects. Of course, there will be negative effects. What happens to the people who didn’t vote for the winning choice?  They will be just left dissatisfied? So as an effect, they will hate the developers. They will too hate the people who vote for the choice they didn’t want? The very essence of being a community driven system of Old School Runescape also dismantles them as a community. It ignites conflict because of, well, conflict of interests.

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This is why sometimes I think there is a reason for game companies not to listen to players at all. That is why they don’t give chance to the population to vote for anything in connection to game changes because of the fact that they cannot please everyone. So in short, it is better for players to have no say at all than let some of the bunch happy and leaving others angry.

I’m happy so as long as I get to farm my RS 2007 Gold. LOL

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