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Okay, this is getting out of hand for me really. What am I talking about? I’m talking about accounts getting banned for botting but they didn’t use bot, not even one bit. I am starting to think about what means Jagex is using to detect this because apparently, it is not accurate. I mean, there’s nothing wrong if they do this in automation (the bot detecting) and banning of accounts, so as long as it is accurate. Right? I could give all of my Old School Runescape Gold for an accurate and automated filtering of botters any day of the week.

Old School Runescape Gold: Another Instance

Here is another instance of an account who did not bot but still get banned. This is only the first part:

Hi. I always see these threads and have absentmindedly ignore them but recently I was banned for botting. Tried to log on after getting back from my friend’s apartment and it said my account has been disabled and to check website for details. Didn’t actually believe it, thought it was some mistake so I go on the site to check and it says your account is permanently disabled.

At this point, if I was reading this and saw this thread I’d think it’s bs a botter trying to get his account back, but here’s what I believe happened. Sometime last year, I went on a youtube video that led me to forums and they took all the stuff on my account somehow- and I know you’re all going to call me stupid for getting my account hacked after all these years of playing but it was suggested to me by a friend on osrs and I didn’t think he’d hack me, and also I never youtubed runescape videos so I had no idea this hack even existed.

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I will bet all the RS 2007 gold in the world that he won’t get his account. Even if he does, it won’t be the same to the last time he logged on. Stay tuned for the second part of his story.