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It has been awhile since my last write up about Old School Runescape and I have been away from the game. Sad to say, my OSRS Gold farming routine was put on hold as well because things have been busy with real life. No one can stop the real life responsibilities and it sucks. Anyways, I am back and the first thing I did aside from logging in the game is go to Reddit and read some stuff on things I missed.

OSRS Gold: Surprising

There is nothing really new in the world of Old School Runescape. There is this post though that immediately caught my attention. This is something pretty rare of a topic when it involves players of Old School Runescape. What am I pertaining to? Ready for the surprise? Okay, hold your breaths. It is a thread about praising Old School Runescape! Surprised right? Yeah, there was someone who actually made a post that his thread will be (or should be) filled with only praises for Old School Runescape. Of course we know that is impossible.

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Here is the original post of Ducksauceee with the title “OSRS appreciation thread”

Jesus Christ I just logged into RS3 for the first time in 4 years and it’s horrendous lol. Obviously this is a personal opinion but thank god OSRS exists. Thank you Jagex

I don’t know if this post is supposed to be satirical or sarcastic but actually having a thread for appreciating Old School Runescape? Thinking that only rants and complaints coming from Old School Runescape players, this is something new.

Of course this thread is open to comments and replies and you would expect that people won’t fully agree with Ducksauceeee. A couple of them already replied in a way killing the vibe of the original post. One said, “And osrs wouldn’t exist without RS3 players.” Another said, “It’s basically wowscape.” I will buy OSRS gold for that day when negative thinking OSRS players will not comment coming from their negative minds. I surely wait for that day.

Hopefully the praises and good vibes come to this post for it is a nice sight to see once in awhile. I’m pretty sure we need more of this.