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Have you ever played a game that you really love and all of a sudden, you stopped? I did. It is like having a relationship with someone and both of you are having a blast then poof, it’s gone. All the moments you shared together, time spent with each other, all halted in an instant. It was all of a sudden that even years passed, you still think of it. Yeah, I just related that feeling to gaming. Whether you missed farming OSRS Gold or constantly raided in World of Warcraft then you took an indefinite break unexpectedly, the feeling is still the same when you miss it.

OSRS Gold: Going Back

There are many things that you should ask when returning to a game that you once quitted. You have quitted a game because there were reasons and you have to look back on those reasons. Is it worth coming back despite of those? What is the status of the game right now? Some of those questions to reassure going back is worth it.

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Like this guy from Reddit who is thinking of going back to Old School Runescape:

The last time I played was a couple of months after God Wars came out. Does OSRS still have the same feels as back then in the actual year 2007? Also, what is this Iron Man thing I’ve seen YouTubers put up? Is like a different mode or character thing? And will my old character and itesm transfer over to OSRS if I decides to play it or will I have to start fresh aka from Tutorial Island? What is the membership price for OSRS? Is like back then $5 a month or it has changed? Last question, is there Holidays rares in OSRS i.e Partyhats, H’ween Masks, Santas, Easter Eggs, Pumpkins, etc?

Let us take him as a good example for it is wise knowing first if you there is still something to go back to. If not, you might end up having to buy OSRS gold for no reason which you wouldn’t like.