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I have been harsh towards Jagex lately in my posts. They were merely reactions to what I read. Those bad posts about Jagex not doing their jobs might not be totally true but making someone post something like those came with a reason. I think no one would post bad about Jagex if they didn’t actually experience anything bad. If only every OSRS player have so much OSRS Gold that they wouldn’t mind all these negative things surrounding the game.

OSRS Gold: On a Different Note

Let’s look at the good side of Jagex now this time. Someone posted that Jagex has the best group of developers he has ever known. Wonder what he said? Here they are:

  1. Almost all of them got the job by being huge fans of the game, they all know and love their own game and play it themselves.
  2. ModMatK and others have constantly stated how the staff are staying up very late, and overtime to push out content – going above their duty to deliver content.
  3. They all have good community relations, example: they all have a twitter, reddit account etc that they constantly talk to the community with, they connect with us and even answer questions/discuss the game outside of their working time.
  4. They listen to the community, and add the thingswe want added to the game, they take suggestions and community designed content. They dont push their ideas if we dont want them, and are happy to take criticism with their work (i.e Mod Ghosts firecape designs, i.e not adding things unless they get 75%)
  5. They go out of their way to host an hour long Q&A every single week, ontop of the effort that goes into the technical side of the stream, I have never heard of any other game developers doing something this dedicated. They also have a big youtube channel with all the Q&A’s, and many other developer blog, content-teaser videos, and more.
  6. They are all very nice people, open with the community and dont cause any drama or issues, they are all very smart people
  7. They give out $10,000 to players who win tournaments, they’re literally paying people to play their own game.
  8. They have a big presence in real life events – i.e RuneFest, EGX, Twitchcon etc, they go out a lot to get the game in the spotlight.

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This is the list of good stuff by Magnaboy from the OSRS subreddit. He is right in his entire list. He won’t be saying this much unless he was offered a lot of Old School Runescape Gold for this, which I doubt he was.

Do you agree with him? Let us know why in the comments section.