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I don’t play games to have fun. I play games to be challenged and to win or to have a sense of fulfillment. Achieving something. Yeah, because when I do that, there goes in the fun. And no, don’t get started with your “Chill, it’s just a game” because it isn’t JUST a game. Anyways, before I go apeshit on that phrase, going back. It is just sad though that games in the recent years don’t provide that much of challenge anymore. Heck, I can easily farm OSRS gold nowadays compared to years ago, it was like an impossible feat. Yeah, challenge = fun.

OSRS Gold: Sharing the Sentiment

I came across in Reddit someone with a story regarding challenge in Old School Runescape. Here goes his post:

Hi. I’m Sportsman or as I go by on OSRS “Raw Hog”.

I recently started playing OSRS a month ago. After grinding like crazy, I decided to go for a fire cape. 6-7 tries later, I finally got it. I hadn’t had such a high “high” in months, maybe years. I know that sounds crazy..But the satisfaction of learning something I struggled with and getting a untradable best in slot item was unreal.

I would implore the OSRS team to create more challenging solo/duo/trio content that includes clearing tricky to semi-tricky mobs leading to a boss (or two). The reason why I feel the mobs add so much to it is it allows the experience to last longer and take more time to master, in contrast to most bosses which you just plug away until you figure out.

Bosses/instances could give items that may not be Best in slot but maybe add diversity (For example, a +8 accuracy bonus cape. Could be best in slot for PVM, but not necessarily PVP as to not render the fire cape useless) or a non-degradable tier 75 or 80 armor that is purely for tanking (As to not render Bandos useless and still give barrows a niche due to their set bonuses)

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This is definitely a good idea of him. That is one reason that people quit a game, they get bored. They get bored because they are unchallenged. With a game like OSRS, there should be a continuous update of new challenges for players. If I have to buy OSRS gold so that new challenges come every month, I would!

How about you, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.