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It is funny how people still confuse Runescape 3 to Old School Runescape. What happened to Runescape 3 is better than Old School Runescape or vice versa? What I mean is, I thought the distinction between the two was so clear that people can distinguish which is better, thus, there should be no more confusion happening. Heck, if people still can’t differentiate one from another, I would’ve taken advantage of people in tricking my OSRS Gold will work on Runescape 3.

OSRS Gold: For Instance

There is someone who actually took time to make a suggestion post to avoid confusion between Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape. Well, this one is a confusion of people in the forums but still, it is still not hard to distinguish the one from the other. Here is the post and you will appreciate this man’s effort in suggesting so:

A lot of rs3 players confuse the OSRS forums for rs3 forums where they post rs3 related items on the “Old school RuneScape Marketplace” sections. The subheadings for OSRS are “Armour and Weapons” while rs3 subheading is “Weapons & Armour.” I feel like people just use the ctrl + f function to find the key word “armour” and both are basically labelled the same, and as a result, the osrs sections are flooded with players posting rs3 related items for buy and sell. When you click the subheading too, the title for that particular forum also just says “Armour and Weapons,” giving no indication that it’s for old school offers.

Quick easy fix: Put “old school” at the beginning of the title. Now when they find the keyword, if the osrs section pops up first, they will see it as “Old school: Armour and Weapons” and when you click on it, the title above the forum posts should also include the words “old school,” otherwise it’s still easy to confuse, especially with all the previous rs3 confused players posting in the osrs forums.

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Because of this post, I also commend both games and the players for really sticking with the whole community driven MMORPG. Without this, the two games would’ve crumbled in no time. What will happen to all of my Old School Runescape gold?!

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