RS Gold

Why is it that games, most of the time MMORPGs, get neglected as the years pass by? For sure there are multiple reasons but it seems like it is becoming a norm in the MMORPG industry in the recent years. Is it because devs aren’t being paid enough to actually give a damn about the game? Yeah that is a legitimate reason but we, the paying players, who actually provide their salary, are suffering. We don’t deserve it. For example in Old School Runescape, I feel like it is becoming useless to farm OSRS Gold day by day.

OSRS Gold: Growing Frustration

We know that we have to be understanding towards the developers every time they fail to meet our expectations but I think through the years, the disappointments just piled up. Our understanding just ran out. If you know the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, it is just like that. They always say they will fix things but they don’t. Yeah, we are the villagers that just had enough of those.

Anyways, as much frustrating as it is when it comes to Old School Runescape, I still would like to keep an open mind and think about the side of Jagex. They have a small team. Regardless of the income that is going to their company, the size of their team is the limiter to what they can do for the game. Yes, the game doesn’t bring enough income as well, added to the size of their team so that is actually worse.

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So I guess, we Old School Runescape players just have to deal with this for now. We don’t really have much of a choice but to wait. We cannot force Jagex to do something drastic that will affect them internally which will make it worse in the long run. So I’m thinking, sit back and relax. Continue to farm if not just buy OSRS gold to continue what I’m doing in the game.