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The name of your character in any MMORPG you play is very important. It will be what people regard you in the game and can bring the very first impression to them. If you name your character something like xXxKillaxXx, people can either think of you as a player who poses a big threat in PvP because you are a ‘killa’ or a player who has no creativity because of how you named yourself. Either way, your character’s name is the first thing they will take notice. You might want people to know you are a farmer of OSRS Gold and name yourself Goldberg or whatever. Again, point is your name is the reflection of what you are or want to be.

OSRS Gold: Name Change

Ever experienced in OSRS creating a character for over half an hour because you can think of a name and when you finally think of one, only to find out it is already taken? Still can’t move on from that horrible experience? Now you can! Old School Runescape will be releasing the names of the inactive characters and will be up for grabs starting the 13th of March! Here is the news from the official OSRS news page:

Sometimes, it’s just time for a change, and very soon the perfect opportunity will arise to refresh your Old School RuneScape identity.

From 13th March, we’ll be releasing the character names of inactive accounts. If there’s a name that you’ve had your eye on for some time, this could be your chance to claim it as your own!

We’ll be releasing a letter a day, starting with the letter A. Numbers will be released together on one day.

When each name release happens, it’ll be announced on social media channels – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the RuneScape forums, and keep an eye out for your letter!

To claim a name, you must be a RuneScape member, and can do so by logging into the Account Settings section of the website and finding the Change Character Name tab.

If you’ve changed your name recently, don’t forget that you can remove the time limit with a Bond.

Any questions, or need help? Visit our Support Centre.

The RuneScape Team

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What great news! No Old School Runescape Gold required to change names. You only have to be a Runescape member! Stay informed on the news by following OSRS in different social media!