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Every Old School Runescape player and fan knows Emily. Yes, that streamer of OSRS that faked cancer. When I found out about her, and no, I didn’t watch her stream, I was completely dumbfounded. Why would one fake a cancer? Oh right, to get sympathizing viewers. Another one, why would you fake cancer to get viewers on Old School Runescape?! I would understand if you do that on a more legitimate reason like you are playing World of Warcraft or on the very popular Overwatch. Well, I guess it was all about the money from views for her to afford OSRS Gold. Maybe I’m wrong. Only she knows.

OSRS Gold: That’s Why

If it wasn’t enough, apparently, Emily (emilyispro) was allegedly using a viewbot. Yes, she was viewbotting in addition to faking cancer to make it seem that she has so many viewers. My eyes were opened to this by this post on Reddit:

It’s pretty obvious that the notorious streamer called “Emilyispro” is a pretty known figure in our friendly OSRS community. Most of you know that there are rumors going around stating that she has ”faked” cancer and that she loves to “viewbot” her streams, I don’t want to get into the whole “faked cancer” situation so I’ll only discuss the “viewbotting”

She always has a consitent 1000-1300 viewership base but she somehow manages to have the most dead chat of the whole streaming world, and it’s pretty mind blowing how you get auto banned for even mentioning the word “viewbot” or “cancer”.

So I finally decided to look up her viewership stats and they clearly show that she’s view-botting.

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This is one of the five images in the original post but they all look the same. The sudden boost in viewers was unusual. The number of viewers compared to the number of people who actively chatted was suspicious.

There are more evidences to this and we will continue on my next blog post. Old Sschool Runescape Gold or not, she shouldn’t have been donated with that much money.