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Halloween is almost near. Have any plans? If you don’t, then you might want to take a look at this event! OSRS Gold Farmer or not, Old School Runescape player or not, you got to be in this event! Take a look, everyone!

OSRS Gold: Information

UCSD or University of California, San Diego will be holding a Halloween even this year and everyone is welcome! Here is the first part of their invitation guys!

Hey peoples! The UCSD Runescape club would like to invite everyone to our first Halloween party! This is an exclusive event and is open to everyone to join!

The party starts the day before Halloween 10/30 and lasts till the morning of Halloween!

Events include:

  • RS Tutorials/Starter Kits/ 5-6pm

Never played Runescape? How about get a head start and get help from veteran players and 1m cash? 14 day membership will be provided to all newcomers!!

  • Moneymaking Guides/ 6-7pm

Don’t know how to make money? Get tips on the most effective way to make the most gp/hr. Factors such as combat, stats, and time will be factored in

  • How to make real life $$$ playing Runescape/ 7-8pm

Ever wonder if you can make money playing Runescape? Learn how from your fellow Triton on how to make enough cash to pay your tuition!

  • Drop Party Ingame! 8-9pm

If you do play the game. There will be a huge 500m OSRS drop party ingame! With a limited amount of people, the chances of you making easy bank is in your reach! Sorry RS3.

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So if you live near UCSD, this is the chance to meet new people who play the same interest as you do! Looking for Old School Runescape Gold Farming buddies? Then this is the time. Part two of the invitation will follow. This will be a fun event for us OSRS players!