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Old School Runescape really attracts a lot of new players recently based on Reddit posts I read and real life friends asking for a copy of the game. It is surprising and at the same time, it is not. It is surprising considering that Old School Runescape is outdated compared to other MMORPG’s. No person would play this game today without having prior experience or idea in OSRS. Well, it is otherwise. It is not surprising because Old School Runescape is an amazing game not to mention you can meet a whole lot of friends. Whether it be because you want to trade OSRS gold with them or just want to hangout with them inside the game, making new friends is never a bad idea.

OSRS Gold: People’s Advice

So if you have a new friend who would like to try out Old School Runescape, here are some of the advice I found over in OSRS Subreddit:

He only needs 2 things, slayermusiq1 guides and the wiki.

  • It is a good idea to get help from guides and wiki’s

That depends. What types of games does he enjoy? What sort of experience is he going for?

  • Good to take a little background check on your friend’s preferred games before deciding on trying OSRS in order.

Tell him to take it slow. Explore anjoy the simple things.

  • Exactly! Take his time and enjoy the game. He / She doesn’t need to rush things. End game is reachable in no time.

Get your 10k and go stake it

  • Not sure about this but most probably a joke?

tell him to get ready to lose all of his social life

  • This is a testament that Old School Runescape is a fun game and new players trying this game out will be addicted in an instant.

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Not satisfied with some of these advices? You can put some of yours in the comments section below! Old School Runescape gold advice also well appreciated.