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Some say Runescape 3 community is toxic. Some say Old School Runescape community is the real toxic. The real thing is, every community of a game is toxic. There will be no instance that there is no toxic player in a population of a game. There will always be at least one you will encounter. It is just a matter of how many they are and what is the level of toxicity there is. So don’t believe that this certain game’s community or population is not toxic. No, that is total lie. I am betting all of my OSRS Gold on that. Every game has a toxic population. Again, they differ only in the frequency and level of toxicity.

OSRS Gold: Runescape 3 is Toxic, One Said

Not bashing on Runescape 3, I just want to share a post of someone who thought that they thought Runescape 3 is more toxic than the OSRS community and decided to stick with Old School Runescape:

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to Move to Old school Runescape for good, after a Social Problem had happened in Rs3 yesterday that made me finally lose it and decide its time to move to Osrs where i heard the Community isn’t toxic and full of Ed8r Idiots.

My Problem is my character is around level 48-50 combat level and i wanna know if theres a guide or path guide that will tell me what i content i should do in which order so i can go on a set path with skills and quests and miniquests..Etc..Etc…

The help would be very appreciated 🙂 i hope to play with everyone in game soon.

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In relation to the intro, people replied that OSRS is as toxic as RS3. It just so happened that OSRS community is more tolerable. I hope we do find out why he thinks that RS3 is more toxic than OSRS though. What made him conclude it that way? This is to agree more on his post but we in Old School Runescape, are happy that he chose the game to play from now on. I would buy Old School Runescape Gold to know the story of his post though.