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You would think that Old School Runescape has lesser number of players since it is an older game. Yeah, I know it isn’t always the case but if you think about it, newer games have better graphics, finer gameplay, more content, etc. It is almost a certainty that players will pick the newer game. Well, for this instance, it is Runescape 3 over Old School Runescape. That is not the case though. There are more Old School Runescape players than Runescape 3. Whether it is because of OSRS gold or not, the older game is actually being played more than the newer one.

OSRS Gold: Truth, You Think?

Well, I am not sure this is pretty sure but if it is a good news for Old School Runescape, I will take it as true. Someone posted in OSRS Subreddit about this and it is a feel good post:

This is pretty insane. OSRS is clearly getting more players. I know that it is still weekend and that is has a huge impact on the player count, but still… I remember when we didn’t even have 50k players on OSRS and to see that number rise is just so… amazing.

How would Jagex react when more people would actually start to play OSRS?

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The post’s title is “Of the 95.000 players currently playing Runescape, 57.000 are playing OSRS” and posted by Lovoskea. This is not far from truth since Old School Runescape really has lots of players. I just didn’t think that it would surpass Runescape 3 granted that Runescape 3 has better graphics and fresh content. It goes to show that even though Old School Runescape is an older game, it is still enjoyable to play. Not taking away anything from Runescape 3, of course. Maybe Old School Runescape gold is more fun to farm? Who knows?! The important thing is we have a good news here.