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In-game environment has a great impact on a player whether one will be enjoying the MMORPG or not. If the population is sociable or not; if the people in the server are helpful or just filled with douchebags; if you can actually play happily with the general public; these are some of the things to look at in an online multiplayer game when assessing its in-game environment. Any of these turn out bad, players will tend to not enjoy the game and eventually quit. Like in Old School Runescape, one is enjoying farming OSRS Gold then all of a sudden, some guy just cursed the happy farmer for no reason at all. That is not cool and might turn off the player. In-game environment fail.

OSRS Gold: Solution

There is one way to control the quality of in-game environment and that is having pmods in the game. These players are like regular players but they have the authority to impose game rules to players that might compromise the quality of in-game environment. Sadly, Old School Runescape doesn’t have that many number of pmods. Players constantly complain about spammers, scammers, phishers, etc. and they can’t be controlled. Just like this post by Friender_Men about the need of pmods in OSRS:

A vast majority of this games pmods play RS3 exclusively, Currently the only way to get pmod is to be very active on the Official Runescape forums And to have many accurate reports in game and if you didn’t know NO ONE USES THE RUNESCAPE FORUMS (except for like clan recruiting)

the game has basically gotten to a point where you cant stand in the ge for more then 10 minutes without someone trying to Phish, Scam, or Lure you seeing someone “Double Money” or advertising one of the hundreds of Botting/RWT websites.

I can guarantee you there are hundreds of players who would happily apply 24 Hours mutes to these players and therefore stop them from scamming/advertising until the autoban/mute system can get rid of them

Pmods could be decided simply through accurate reports or an application process

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So yeah, people be shouting “Buy OSRS Gold from me” are more likely to be a scammer in game. They are out there in the broad daylight and with the lack of pmods, they still enjoy their time there, scamming away innocent players. Hopefully the number of pmods rise soon so that in-game environment becomes safer than the current.

What do you think? Comment away your opinions about Jagex delegating more pmods in OSRS.