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Old School Runescape is a great game. Yes it might look old compared to the other massive multiplayer online roleplaying games out there, but heck, OSRS is still fun! The proof that the game is irresistible for former players is that they come back no matter what the reason is and when they come back. Whether they like leveling or making OSRS gold, important is they play the game again. People won’t come back to an MMORPG that is outdated if it is not good. Common sense, right? It is just great of a game that new and even old players still go back to playing Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Perfect Example

Not all comebacks are good. Sometimes you get back to the MMORPG because you miss it but the realization of coming back without anyone to play with is just horrible. Even so, if the game is so good, this will not be the end of playing the game again. Take this post by LazyNite in the OSRS Sub-Reddit:

I am playing on my account I’ve had since 2001.

I’ve been back for a couple months on osrs but something has always felt a little off putting.

Today I discovered what that feeling was, and fixed it all at once.

I deleted the huge list a old friend names that I knew would most likely never log back in.

The game feels better now knowing that I can meet new people in game and they will actually be active instead of just looking at a list of good times with old frienda, but never making new friends.

Sorry just wanted to get that out there!

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This is just proof that whether all the people you used to play with in Old School Runescape aren’t playing anymore, it is not enough of a reason not to play again. How great OSRS is still beats that little reason. LazyNite thought of a good thing also of “If my old friends in the game don’t play anymore, then I just make new friends then.” That’s a good mentality. New friends to share Old School Runescape Gold with. Right? Hope to hear from LazyNite on his comeback to OSRS.

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