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Let’s get it straight, there is no perfect MMORPG. At least none at the present. There will be things to hate in the online game every player is playing. Things should be like this. This game lacks this and that even though people are addicted to game and likes it very much. Players will still have complaints. We should also consider things outside of the game like the community. Let’s take Old School Runescape as an example. Even though it is so much fun to run dungeons and earn many OSRS Gold, I sometimes think that the game lacks something. What is that? I can’t tell. Let us see what others think that can be done to Old School Runescape to make it better.

OSRS Gold: Opinions

When looking for opinions about Old School Runescape, Reddit is the place to go and I did. I read some and will share the top two in terms of quantity of the same opinion

Honestly, the community. Everyone thinks they know everything about OSRS. I played a lot starting 12 years ago, but it was never about no XP waste. People just had fun. I’m not sure the average age, but I would think most players played back in 07 or so.

Two other comments share the same sentiment. Players are making it a fuss on other people that they are not maximizing their time by doing stuff that aren’t worth it for the exp. Like that post above said, some people just want to have fun and exp is only secondary. The number of players becoming toxic about xp waste is increasing and the number of people that hate that increases as well.

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Bots not getting banned for botting but legit accounts getting banned for botting.

This is connected to Jagex having a little team maintaining OSRS. Who knows if they increased in number but Jagex is too little of a company to maintain a good quality in terms of botting. Even the big gaming MMO companies are having troubles with this so Jagex is not the only one coming up short. So as long as you keep your Old School Runescape Gold safe and account safe, it is good enough for me, to be quite honest.

How about you? What do you hate about OSRS? Share it to us by commenting below.