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I love how Old School Runescape and its player community really support each other on how to improve the game and players’ experience. Yes, there are those people who just exude negative vibe all the time but they aren’t appreciate here. Going back, as support to the ever growing OSRS player community, here we are again sharing another dilemma that you might want to help out with. Whether it be about OSRS Gold and how to make them really fast or about how you are experiencing bad connection with the game, we will try to get everyone’s feedbacks and solutions because we are one community.

OSRS Gold: The Problem

Here is Shockkk69’s post in the OSRS Sub-Reddit and how he is having a difficulty playing the game because of something he can’t control:

Recently my OSRS client started to develop some sort of choppy laggy sort of thing. I turned on OSBuddy’s client performance feature just to see 50 fps, but it feels choppier than before. To describe it, I notice XP drops seem to studded when moving up my screen and it didn’t do that before. Runeloader seems to run fine, OSRS default client has the same problem. I have an i5-3570 and I think it should be capable of running OSRS smoothly. Would more RAM fix the issue or should I get a new CPU completely? High priority doesn’t seem to fix the issue too well either. Under task manager OSBuddy never goes above 50% CPU usage. OSBuddy OpenGL mode runes perfectly but it’s too buggy to use currently. So yeah, choppy gameplay studdering XP drops no delay or real lag in game.

Any ideas?

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Someone actually replied that this is definitely Jagex’s side and they recognize it. Actually, I experience the same thing and this impeded my Old School Runescape Gold farming. There is no solution but to wait for Jagex to fix this.

Any concern you might want to share or provide solution to Shockkkk69’s problem? Feel free to post in the comments section below!