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Here we are again with another incident of Old School Runescape Account getting hacked. I am pretty sure that one of the reasons why OSRS Accounts get hacked because hackers wanting to get the OSRS gold in those accounts. Or maybe just for the heck of it? Either way, let us listen to this new victim and hopefully we can help

OSRS Gold: The Original Post

This is the post of TkidTheLegend in the Old School Runescape Subreddit. Let’s read how his account has been hacked:

I Played osrs for some time and i stopped playing for some months. Tried to come back didn’t have membership but i did disable my authenticator because i had a new phone. Couldnt play because of membership and closed osbuddy. saw a video in my recommended decided to play again and buy membership saw membership was on my account and an autheticator disabled it didnt recognize where i was looked at bank didn’t look at what i remember this was at 12 est had school the next morning went to sleep didn’t think about it. Came back woke up in lumbridge all my stuff gone and my bank was gone except the untradables like void and ddefender lost my slayer helm i friends were deleted. I think who ever hacked my account was playing on it since he could add a authenticator and thought i would never get back on but didnt have my email pass so he couldn’t change anything. I know its my fault i just want to know what happened. and as of now i have done all the safety things and am now playing again kinda lost on what to do but you know.

Username: JFK NoScopeX

I Know i probably cant get my items back but if a mod or someone could check out what happened or see where they logged in from and see if they traded my bank somewhere

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Poor TkidTheLegend. It is pretty sad that his OSRS Account was hacked and most probably his Old School Runescape Gold won’t be there anymore as well. That is if he will be able to recover his account. Any suggestions on how to recover TkidTheLegend’s account? Comments section is open for your opinions guys!