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Have you ever encountered a situation where there is a conflict between you and your friends related to Old School Runescape? Or any game, really. Most of the time you enjoy playing together but there will come a moment or situation when a friend can’t join the group because he will affect everyone in a bad way. It is hard to alienate someone in your group of friends but it is for the majority’s good. It is like deciding if you will empty your bank of OSRS gold to purchase something you really need but will leave you broke or save until you can really afford it. That hard of a situation.

OSRS Gold: Must Decide

The reason I thought of this topic is because I encountered this post in Reddit where I completely related to in a heartbeat. Here is the post:

Long story short.

We’re a large group of friends who all play OSRS. Before school starts, we plan on having a huge party on a weekend where we basically watch TV, play RS, swim, etc. I’ve told one of my friend (a notorious botter) not to bot if he comes over, since it’ll be registered on whoever the host’s IP is and it could cause the host’s IP (or other accounts logged onto it) to get banned.

Can we all get in trouble if one account is botting, considering we’re on the same IP? Or does it have to be on the same PC? Or anything else?

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If this was me, I will feel no remorse on that botter friend of ours and will not invite him over. I will forbid him to use my internet that might cause me getting banned if Jagex detected a botter in my IP address. All the more that it will involve the whole group of my OSRS friends? No way he will join us. I would even buy OSRS gold for him not to come just to not let him into that event.

How about you? What will you do in this situation? Let us know!